Puppy Obedience Training: Scolding Never Achieves Much

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A new puppy is going to be your constant companion for a good many years and to ensure that the that you share with him will be filled with joy you will of all need to look at different kinds of puppy obedience training methods. Once you find a few options it is then up to you to decide which of them is most suited for your puppy. That you should begin your puppy when he is still quite young is a given. What’s more, you can also choose between doing the puppy obedience training on your own or you can seek out a professional to do the training for you.

Fond Memories

Though there are many advantages to getting a professional to do the puppy obedience training for you, it will however still mean that you won’t have too many fond memories to enjoy later on. It is therefore a good idea to think about imparting on your own. Obviously, there are right ways as well as wrong ways of going about puppy obedience training. The proper way means that you should approach the task with a positive bent of mind and also have the right attitude before even setting out to train your puppy.

The wrong way means approaching the puppy obedience training with a negative bent of mind and also being in a foul mood because of the difficulties that will be encountered along the way. However, you should not make common mistakes and instead must do things the proper way by for example choosing an appropriate place where you can begin the puppy obedience training. A backyard is as good a starting off place as any other place and so too is a living room.

Some of the simpler commands that must be taught to the puppy are “Sit” and “Stay”. Every time your puppy follows his puppy obedience training command you must then give him a treat and also praise him so that he understands that he is doing something right. However, at the same time there is not much that can be accomplished by scolding your puppy whenever he fail to obey the commands given by you.

Repetition is the key to succeeding with puppy obedience training and so you will need to be patient and consistent so that you give your puppy clear and unambiguous commands which must be obeyed at all times.

Puppy training pads are often used by owners to teach a puppy where he should do his poop. The best way to ensure that your puppy obedience training efforts pay off is to first call out your puppy’s name and follows that with the command you wish him to obey. Calling his name ensures that your puppy understands that he is being spoken to and this will ensure that he will respond to the command that follows his name.

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