Three Things Every Mastiff Puppy Needs To Know

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Play is a very large part of any Mastiff puppy's early life. But were you aware that playtime can also be learning time as well? Play can be a valuable tool in training your Mastiff puppy everything from learning simple commands to teaching them the ins and outs of socializing and what it takes to be a well behaved .

is important and there are three basic things they should learn immediately starting as young as six weeks old. The first and most useful of those things is simply the word, “No.You will be using the "no" command alot in your relationship with your puppy so it is imperative he learns it from the beginning.

is easy. , even puppies, are adept at recognizing tone of voice. In the future you will not have to be so forceful in your commands once they learn to associate your displeased tone with the word "No.". You must first get his undivided attention. Simply pick up your Mastiff and look him in the eye and firmly tell him "No" if he does something that is wrong." It will get an immediate reaction. Your puppy may drop his head shepishly, growl, or try to play his way out of it, depeding on his personality. If your puppy reacts unfavorably than you must repeat your command in a firm voice so he know you are serious.

Then, the best thing to do is let it go. Keep a watchful eye on his response after you put him down. You may need to repeat the process if you have a rebellious puppy who continues to repeat his actions as if to test you. If you are consistent and firm, but also gentle, your puppy will get the message.

As for the other things that your baby needs to know, you will probably default to teaching him the proper way to go potty. This is actually easier than you might think, as pups are a lot smarter than they look. Timing is, however, everything. If your puppy is off playing with his ball and later you notice there is a puddle on the floor you just have to clean it up and pay closer attention to him. Rubbing your puppy's nose it will only result in him being hurt and confused. What you want to do is catch him in the act. When you see him start to take a tinkle, grab him and take him outside. But he will probably be so shocked that he will save some for the yard, where you can praise him when he goes.

The third thing that your Mastiff pup needs to know is that he should never put his teeth on a human being. This is a tough one, as it is so much fun to play "bite" with a youngster. But you don't want them to play so rough when they are older. Since puppies like to bite be sure to only toys that are safe for them to bite into when you play. Firmly tell your puppy "No" if he bites you or tries to bite you when you pet him and then put a toy he can bite directly into his mouth instead. If he keeps trying, you should pick him up and tell him no. The key is to be consistent and then you will achieve results.

When your pup has accomplished learning her first command, or goes outside instead of on the floor and stops puppy-biting, she is well on her way to graduating from a Mastiff puppy to a well-mannered adult.

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