Stop Fear-Based Dog Aggression

Does your bite or growl at people (and even small children) that they do not know very well?  This form of dog aggression is relatively a common occurrence and has been assessed to be usually born out of fear.Although are by nature territorial, it becomes a cause for concern, however, if they become overly aggressive to strangers.


dog aggression mostly traces its roots to the lack of confidence in the development of canines. Dogs that have been in the bottom of the pack with its litter mates, physically or verbally punished at an early age, kept outside the home, tethered on a short chain, and frustrated or taunted by people usually become aggressive. 


On the other hand, genetics can also play a role in this kind of behavior as some dogs that have not been abused will still react to a frightening stimulus.   Some breeds, like the terrier and bull breeds have a higher likelihood of developing dog aggression upon reaching maturity than other breeds.


owners can fear-based to avoid potentially dangerous situations for both humans and other animals.  In general, proper instruction is best done through positive reinforcement as it produces better results.For example, you should train your in an atmosphere where he feels comfortable and not threatened.


Experts recommend to have a veterinarian check your if he suddenly becomes aggressive.  You also have the option of using a muzzle if you are concerned that he will be aggressive towards other dogs or people.Your dog may need more time though to get used to the feel of the muzzle.


It’s also important to socialize your dog by taking him to public places and providing opportunities to meet other dogs and people as well.  Keeping your pet in isolation deprives him of the chance to interact with other people and dogs, thus heightening his fear of strangers.Remember that aggression may also be due to pent-up energy that escalates to anxiety and frustration over time.  Continuously neglecting his basic need to get out there and exercise will only compound the problem further.


As a whole, we advise to regularly train your dog under a variety of conditions and in progression.  Consistency is the key to changing any undesirable behavior since dogs don’t learn new concepts overnight.It will take time for him to unlearn the aggression caused by a number of factors. 


As such, owners must exercise a great deal of patience because training is a gradual process that cannot be forced or rushed.  This means that you have to enforce discipline through a humane approach.Physical punishment should be avoided during this kind of training as it will only impede any progress you've made.


Therefore, getting rid of in general requires a lot on your part.Investing enough time, knowledge and persistence will eventually see your hard work paying off in the end.

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