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Consider the many aspects of breeding before you choose to do breeding for yourself. Before you choose this option you want to carefully consider what can happen since there are many things that can and do go wrong with . The most important step is to carefully consider your Yorkshire . Do you know what the specific breed standards are, do you know if your dog has any specific faults and do you know exactly how these faults can be transmitted through genes to the offspring?

Both the male and female breeding partners need to have bacteria cultures and brucellosis tests done before breeding in order to help reduce the infections transferred during breeding. Before breeding it is also important to have the dogs thoroughly checked out by a veterinarian to make sure they have no conditions that can be transmitted to the litter such as luxating patella’s, cardiomyopathy or hypothyroidism.

Even if you have a male and female that are both healthy and good choices for breeding it is important that you educate yourself about possible hereditary faults. Carefully research the family lineage on both sides and make sure you know what you can do to reduce hereditary conditions.

Before Yorkshire breeding another thing you should consider is what can go wrong during the gestation period. There is always the chance that before, during and after whelping the mother dog can die. Just a few of the more common complications include uterine inertia, prolapsed uterus, eclampsia, metritis or mastitis.

You should also consider if Yorkshire breeding is something you have the time and ability to take on. The female should never be left alone as the whelping time draws near and during whelping Yorkie’s will often need assistance.

When it comes to breeding the last thing you need to consider is the raising of the puppies. Before you can raise the puppies it is important that you educate yourself about conditions such as fading puppies, toxic milk, septicemia, primary atelectasis, herpes virus, cleft palates and hypoglycemia.

There may be a chance that a birth defect is present when a puppy is born and if the defect is serious enough you may have to choose to put the puppy down.

When a puppy is born there is always the chance that a birth defect may be present and if it is serious enough the puppy may have to be put down. If necessary would you be able to do this? While you may be able to do this you should also be prepared for the complications it will cause the mother. Can you take several days off work on short notice in case your are required to raise the litter for a while should something happen to the mother? If necessary would you be comfortable with tube feeding or bottle-feeding? Again you need to carefully consider all the costs involved. Just a few of the things you may have to pay for include vaccinations, looking for a home for the puppies, paying vet bills and raising the puppies for several years or their entire life if you are unable to find a home for them.

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