Pet Illnesses

For any an illness can be very distressing. For owners there are a number of problems your may suffer from and it is important to know what to do if you spot any . Cat illnesses can be minor ailments through to more serious such as or life threatening diseases.

Another issue you may have is when you move home. Many people move home over their and this can be distressing for your cat. Cat rehoming is an important issue to consider. Try to create an area in your new home for your cat so they have a to go to. Put some of their toys or in the area so they have some common things to calm them down.

If you spot your cat is not acting themselves then try to pay attention to what the problem could be. If they are not eating as normal or they are eating but losing weight this can be a sign of a problem. At this point you should take your cat to the to be checked for problems. If the problems are dealt with early then there is often a greater chance of the issue being resolved.

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