Our Simple and Easy Guidelines For Taking Care Of The Needs Of Your Small Puppy

Taking care of a small dog would involve the same functions as with larger . The owner of a small dog must however make some adaptations to suit the animal's specific needs. Just think about some of the everyday events that may need to be looked at when considering certain needs.

Feeding time:

You must consider the size of the food you buy them from the grocery store as they won't be able to eat the normal type of food ordinarily purchased for a regular size pooch. You'll need to be sure to buy a kibble designed to fit his smaller mouth (these are easy to find among the premium ). Fortunately, canned food should not be a problem and will definitely be easier to obtain.

Where they will stay – safely:

It is easy for them to run around and go to the toilet outside providing the area is secure isn't it? Smaller dogs are much more nimble that larger dogs and what might be a secure environment for one is not necessarily for the other. Another problem is safety from above because it has been known for large birds of prey to swop down and carry of without any problem whatsoever. A simple answer to this problem is to construct an enclosed play area which should stop this from happening.

How to train the dog:

Dog professionals tend to agree that tiny dogs are no more trouble to train than their larger cousins however, owners have a history of treating them in a way that spoils them and makes it more difficult. Although your pet might indeed fit into your pocket (and some breeds can), they still see the world in relation to pack mentality and someone has to be the leader so if you are weak, they will govern you. It's a wise idea to make sure your pet is thoroughly house trained, no matter how small and inconsequential the mess might seem when he misses. According to dog experts, let the dog work for you so that he understands and identifies your demands and rules. Never reward a dog with goodies or a meal till he has perfected your command for doing tricks or even simple jobs like sitting or fetching.

Buying :

You can find all kind of small dog collars online. There are a variety of different styles you can choose from: studded and plain to leather. Whichever small dog collar you choose for your pet be sure it is comfortable. You want to be able to have enough space between the dog collar and their neck.

Their appearance and smell:

Keep in mind that grooming a small dog is slightly different to larger ones and cater for this. One such need is frequent manicuring since these tiny animals spend less time on rough surfaces than larger dogs, which usually wears the nails naturally. Brushing his teeth twice a week is mandatory, especially if he is on soft canned foods. The above makes it clear that it does not matter whether you are taking care of a small dog or a large dog the methods are pretty much the same. While each requirement may seem small and insignificant, but when you do it with earnestness, it can make a huge difference in the way you keep a dog.

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