Training Your Dog - The "Lay Down" Command

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to obey commands is an important part of . When your dog is properly trained, it is much easier for you to communicate with him and this enhances your . This can also help save your pet from harm.

Dogs want your praise, so using when or puppy is the best approach. Hitting or yelling rarely works, and besides who wants to hit or at their dog anyway?

The “down” or “lie down” command is one of the basic commands and should be one of the first things you teach your dog once he learns to sit on command. It is not hard to train a dog to obey commands and once you have done one command, it gets even easier as the process is basically the same for each. Here’s some steps you can use to teach your dog to lie down on command:

1. Get the dog to sit (you should have already trained him in this command)

2. Firmly give the “down” command while gently forcing his legs out in front (this will cause him to lie down).

3. Give your dog praise. Show him you are really happy with your voice and .

4. At first the dog will get right back up, but as time goes on you can lengthen the time the dog stays in the by waiting to give him praise.

5. Repeat this anywhere from 3 to 5 times for each session. is important but you don’t want to do too much at one time. If you really want to drill it in, you can have several sessions spaced out throughout the day.

There’s more than meets the eye with training your dog. For one the dog gets used to listening to his name. He also will get used to doing things on your command. All in all, training strengthens your positions – you as leader and helps the dog feel secure. Spend a each day . This will help your .

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