Important Steps in Yorkie Puppy Care

If you prefer a bouncy, energetic small dog over a calm, lap dog, a yorkie may be a good choice for you.  Yorkie puppy care is no different than shih tzu or other types of .  Yorkies need food, attention, water, and a lot of grooming.  Because yorkies have long coats, they require more grooming than those of other toy breeds.

Yorkie Puppy Care and Training

Yorkies are a pretty stubborn breed and can be difficult to train.  Very young do not learn very fast so you have to be very patient.Most have success in housetraining their yorkies when they are around 5 to 6 months old.  It is important in yorkie and housetraining to never spank them when they eliminate in the wrong place.Instead, scold them.  are intent on pleasing their masters and they can understand that you are upset when you scold them.Do reward a when he eliminates in his litter box like he is supposed to.

Yorkies are highly energetic and need extra attention for that reason. They tend to expend more energy than they have so it’s important to provide a constant supply of water since dehydration can happen very quickly.  It is also important to be careful that their blood sugar doesn’t get too low.You can prevent that by giving them a little bit of sweet water or syrup.If that doesn’t do the trick, you should take them to the vet. Generally problems with low blood sugar subside after the puppy reaches 12 weeks of age. 
Yorkies need to be groomed daily because of their long coats.  If you don’t brush their coats they will get matted.  In yorkie it is important to never brush a dry coat.Always spray their coat with a little bit of water and conditioner prior to brushing.  Brushing will keep yorkie clean but yorkie male puppies need to be washed with a damp cloth daily on the side of the body where they urinate.

In yorkie it is important to feed the food recommended by the breeder for the first two weeks.  Yorkie puppies should eat two to three times per day.After the first two weeks you can start mixing the recommended food with premium dry food.It’s important to feed your puppy premium food otherwise he can have digestive problems.
In conclusion, yorkie is not much different from other kinds of puppy care.  Your new yorkie will require a lot of love, maintenance and attention but within a few weeks you will surely fall into a comfortable routine.It might seem like a lot of work at first but once you find your rhythm, your yorkie will be like just any other member of your family.

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