How To Clicker Train A Dachshund

is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

uses positive reinforcement to reward preferred behaviors. Any dog can be trained, it does not matter what their age, experience or background is. You may think clicker training would be impossible, given their self-sufficient, sometimes stubborn nature. This really is far from the case. Dachshunds are remarkably easy to clicker , as long as you let them assume that they are leading the session.

Dachshund Clicker Training – How Does it Work?

Dachshund clicker training works by training your dog that a click from the clicker, followed by a reward, indicates that they are doing the right thing. When utilising a clicker, timing is vital. You have got to click at the precise time that performs the behavior you want, allowing your dog to link the click and reward with the behavior.

Beginning Dachshund Clicker Training

Before you can begin clicker training, you must teach your Dachshund what the clicker is and what it means. To condition your Dachshund to the clicker, take them somewhere quiet. Click the clicker and give your Dachshund a treat. It is not important if they do not look at you or recognize the clicker. Repeat this several times, continuing until they look at you when they hear the click, but not letting the session last more than 10 minutes. You may need a few sessions before your Dachshund associates the sound of the clicker to the treat. Once conditioned to the clicker you can begin training commands and skills. Dachshunds have short attention spans, so training sessions should be kept brief. It could therefore take a while before a Dachshund is conditioned to the clicker.

There are two clicker training techniques, luring and capturing. Capturing is informal training about being in the right place at the right time. You observe your Dachshund and at the precise moment they do the skill you want (e.g. sitting down) you click and reward. Luring is a more formal technique.

1. Find a quiet place to train and spend time to click and reward, reminding your dog of the meaning of the clicker.

2. Train one skill at a time, using a treat to lure your Dachshund into the correct position. At the moment they finish the behavior click and give a reward.

3. Some behaviors are difficult or not easily understood. Clicker training lets you to reward your Dachshund as they make steps towards successfully completing the skill. Don’t be discouraged if your Dachshund initially makes little progress. With resolve and determination you will succeed.

Voice Commands

When your Dachshund demonstrates the skill when they just see the clicker, without you having to lure, you should add a verbal cue whenever you are about to click. Your Dachshund will quickly associate the clicker, verbal cue and treat reward. Once they recognize the verbal cue, only click and reward when your Dachshund performs the behavior in response to the cue. As time passes you will notice that your Dachshund responds more enthusiastically to the voice cue. At this juncture start decreasing the frequency with which you use the clicker. Finally you will find that you are able to use your voice cue only and still have a dependable response. At this point your Dachshund has mastered the skill!.

There are many uses for Dachshund clicker training. You can teach central commands, tricks and stop unwanted behaviors like digging. It is a system which utilizes only positive techniques, which helps develop confidence and builds a lasting bond between you and your Dachshund.

Katie has rescued and rehabilitated dogs for 15 years and believes in Dachshund clicker training as it is a approach that utilizes only positive techniques, that helps build confidence and develop a resilient bond between you and your Dachshund.

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