How to Train the Australian Shepherd

Having an for a pet can be a source of pride and joy. This is meant for an active lifestyle so be prepared to live one yourself. To be able to maximize the breed's potential, it is essential to learn some vital facts about training Australian Shepherds. Quick Facts Commonly known as , this breed originated from the U.S. trained as herding dog in farms. A medium sized, stout, well-balanced country dog characterized by its triangular shaped ears set high on the side of the head and slightly rounded at the tip. These animals have a masculine chest and stands evenly on all fours. Its docked bobtail is one identifying character. Masculinity and femininity is evident in Australian Shepherds. Height: Male 20-23 inches.Female 18-21 inches. Weight: Male 50-65 lbs Female 40-55 lbs.Personality Aussies are high spirited and sociable animals. Playing around is one of the things they love to do. They enjoy rough playing. Though they are generally playful, they have a tendency to be quiet and reserved around strangers. Loyal, affectionate and are eager to please their masters. In fact, this animal is said to possess a sixth sense about what their master wants. They do their tasks that are expected of them with a lot of enthusiasm. Children would love this kind of breed due to their playful and energetic nature but at the same time they are wary around strangers. It is important to expose them to people and other at an early age to train them to be sociable and able to discriminate between friend and foe. Training Since herding is ingrained in this breed, it is imperative that they are well trained from the start to obey commands and control their exuberance especially around children lest their herding instinct gets better of them. Australian Shepherd dog training should involve plenty of brisk activities to enhance their well being. It is recommended to get them into an obedience training school to properly channel and control their liveliness. The energetic nature of Australian Shepherd needs to be channeled to productive tasks, lots of play and active training otherwise their pent up energy will result to destructive chewing and digging. They are happy when they are doing something rather than lazing around. Rough housing, playing around, jumping and running are characteristics of a normal Aussie. Life span of Australian Shepherds is 12 years and up. Active Aussie's appetite is generally bigger than other dogs of the same size so ensure that you feed him plenty of high quality food. A lot of preparation and commitment is required when planning to own this kind of breed. Life with well-trained Australian Shepherd dogs can be both enjoyable and rewarding since they are loyal and hardworking.

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