The Basics of Beagle Puppy Care: What You Need to Know

Beagles are a popular breed because of their cuteness and friendly disposition.  It is important to learn more about and in general prior to taking your little bundle of joy home.  Overall, beagles are a low-maintenance breed but they are pretty energetic and require a lot of attention.  Make sure someone in your family is willing and able to spend 30 minutes to an hour per day playing with your or taking him out to exercise.

Feeding and Beagle Puppy Care

One of the most important points to remember in is to feed your beagle puppy high quality dry food because it is best for his digestion and teeth.  Avoid feeding your beagle table scraps and when you do give treats as rewards, break them up into small pieces.  Beagles love to eat and you have to be careful about how much food you give them since they do tend to overeat.  Overweight beagles can have many health problems like heart disease and arthritis.

Grooming and Beagle Puppy Care

Grooming in is pretty simple.  Just brush your beagle puppy’s coat a few times a week and use a hound glove to keep his coat shiny.  Also use a fine tooth flea comb to remove dirt, fleas, and loose hairs.  Beagles shed moderately.  They do not require any special grooming and don’t need to be bathed frequently.  

Training Your Beagle Puppy

Beagles are naturally chasers so it is important to keep them confined in a fenced yard so they don’t escape.Anytime you take your beagle puppy for a walk, make sure to keep him on a so he doesn’t run off.Beagles are very social and love to play with other and people so an important aspect of is frequently giving your beagle puppy love and attention.  
House training your beagle puppy will be relatively easy.  In and training your best bet is to make your puppy sleep in a crate in order to develop bladder control.  It is also important to train your puppy by rewarding him rather than punishing him.Many veterinarians and breeders recommend obedience classes in order to teach your new puppy to behave properly and obediently.

are playful companions that are an incredibly cute addition to any household.  is not high maintenance but you do have to do a little homework before taking your beagle puppy home.  Make sure to find a good veterinarian to stay in touch with if any problems arise and above all, make sure to give your beagle all the love and attention he needs.  

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