Dachshund Video: Mini Dachshund bath time

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Puppies are excited to run up the stairs and jump in the tub. They get so happy about I let them run up and jump in this once. Again, I let them ru…
Rating: 4 / 5

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    • Sascha Gilly Israel
    • December 30, 2014

    Dackel <3

    • Jon Charron
    • December 30, 2014

    what temp do you make the water?

    • Zelpo777
    • December 30, 2014

    Cute doggies 🙂 if I was putting up a vid for everyone to see, I’d
    probably at least make my bed lol

    • starlite556
    • December 30, 2014

    Oh that is so cute!!!!!!!!

    • Pata de Perro
    • December 30, 2014

    Pata-vídeo/Miren la reacción de estos 2 perritos cuando les dice su dueña
    que es la hora del baño!


    • katie kennington
    • December 30, 2014

    Wish i could get my Mastiff to do this! What excited little buggers!

    • erictheflea
    • December 30, 2014

    Teach them how to clean that pig pen bedroom, and make your bed!

    • Miss Games Kuma
    • December 30, 2014

    AWW THAT IS SOO CUTE!!! >U< They were so happy for the bath and how they jumped in was just adorable!!! XD 10/10 adorable XD

    • fluffywolfie123 Aj
    • December 30, 2014

    Finally i look cute dogs try to enter in bath IT’S CUTE <3

    • Virginia Plain
    • December 30, 2014

    They actually enjoy bath time? My dogs are not like that. I have to keep
    them from running away.

    • 2匹の猫と暮らす日々 "Diary Cats TV"
    • December 30, 2014

    They love bathrooms, and they are excited. LOL!

    • Renee Shiao
    • December 30, 2014

    If only my dog liked bath time…

    • A McAnelly
    • December 30, 2014

    adogable”-) looks like my pups… love this little clip….

    • fluffinessable
    • December 30, 2014

    150 people are heartless

    • GRUSS Newton
    • December 30, 2014

    Wish my little dachs was that enthusiastic! 🙂


    • Delirious Cornelius
    • December 30, 2014

    fucking weird how this owner would film this its getting very obsessive as
    a culture with these videos

    • Doug Swain
    • December 30, 2014

    Back health?! Really?! WTF is wrong with you knuckle heads. It’s a dog, it
    want to have fun. You let it play. Just because the arseholes that created
    this bread are meddling pricks doesn’t mean you treat the dog like a
    fragile china doll. Let it enjoy life instead of raising it like a bubble

    • Derpy Donut
    • December 30, 2014

    Fun fact : When dachshunds climb up stairs it reaaally hurts their backs
    and same thing when they jump, be picked up in a way your not supposed to
    pick up dachshunds, etc.

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