Train the Australian Shepherd

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Having an for a companion can be a source of pride and joy. You have to keep in mind that an is best suited to this kind of breed. An active lifestyle is best suited for an . To get the most out of living with an you have to take into account some relevant information about the breed.

Quick Facts

Aussies as they are commonly known comes from the native California use for herding other animals. Characterized by its docked bobtail, this animal is of medium sized, robust and has a strong deep chest and stands squarely on all fours. Maleness and femaleness is evident in Aussies.

Height: 20-23 inches (52-58cm.) Bitches 18-21 inches (46-53cm)

Weight: 50-65 pounds (25-29 kg) Bitches 40-55 pounds (18-25 kg.)

Living with an Aussie

Being a fun loving and easy going animals, Aussies love to play around. Rough playing is the name of their game. They are loyal and affectionate to their human family and always eager to please their masters. Known to have a sixth sense, they sometimes forge ahead doing something even before their master could order them to do it. Children love having them around due to their playful nature though they appear shy around strangers. A large or open space is good for an due to their energetic personality. This breed usually form a strong bond with their masters and suffers from separation anxiety therefore it is not advisable to leave them alone for a long period of time.

Training the Australian Shepherd

Since herding is second nature to Aussies, it is highly recommended to have them undergo training at an early age for them to learn how to control their high energy and be able to obey basic commands. This way they will know what is expected of them right from the start. It is advisable to have their exuberance under control especially around children. Australian Shepherd training should include exposure to a lot of people and other and is best to start early on to hone their social skills and discernment between friend and foe.

An obedience training school is best suited for this to properly channel their high spirits into productive results. They need to be involved in active workouts otherwise their energy will result to destructive behavior. They are happier moving around and doing tasks rather than doing nothing at all.

Aussies lifespan is12 years or more and their appetite is bigger that most dogs their size so be sure to feed them sufficient amount of quality food. Having an Aussie as a companion can be rewarding with adequate knowledge of this breed and ample training is provided. A well-trained Australian Shepherd can be the best dog companion one could ever have.


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