Rottweiler Video: Rottweilers First Year – Watch Him Grow

Rottweilers First Year - Watch Him Grow

Watch our rottweiler from 2 months old to 4 months to 6 months to 8 months to a . We took the a picture of him in the same spot for over a year. He …

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    • Charmaine Schenstead
    • December 22, 2014

    awesome puppy. seems calm and happy and interested!! all great, and he has
    his tail!! So good to see that fewer are getting their tails docked.. His
    is moving happy, and level..yes!!

    • Gabriel Ian Flores
    • December 22, 2014

    My rott puppy is 3 mos old but its just the same size of your 2 mos old
    puppy why is that?

    • scarabmango
    • December 22, 2014

    Glad you didn’t dock him. There’s no reason for any modern, city-dwelling
    dog not to have a tail. If they’re actually working on farms and such,
    that might be another story. But docking them just because of some silly
    tradition is stupid.

    • Ron P
    • December 22, 2014

    Awesome dog!! I am envious!!

    • Avery Wright
    • December 22, 2014

    love it! beautiful dog! rotties are the best

    • Charlie S
    • December 22, 2014

    He is a beautiful boy! My rottie is old now and she has cancer. She is such
    a wonderful girl and has been my constant companion for 13 years. I have
    never had an animal that was so attentive and always on duty. Nothing
    happens around here without her knowing about it first and signaling the
    other dogs. On the flipside of her somewhat aggressive awareness, she is
    also one of the most gentle and careful dogs ever. If you can handle the
    commitment and are willing to allow this breed to know you as
    family…you’ll have a best friend and protector that is always eager to be
    with you.

    • SisOwnz
    • December 22, 2014

    Love your video. Check out mine. I have been recording my dogs progress
    since her first day home (she’s also a Rottweiler). Aren’t they awesome
    dogs? Sadly judged and stigmatized, before I owned one I admittedly was
    naive in regards to that too. But now that I do own one, I can’t believe I
    ever thought ill of them. They are such a LOVABLE, snuggly, down-right
    adorable breed. My girl is shy, but yet curious. The neighbors love her,
    elderly, kids, just about everyone. She would never hurt a fly. Well, maybe
    a fly, she loves to chase them and butterflies. ;)

    • ladycassidy4u
    • December 22, 2014

    Rocky is so beautiful! love rotties, are super smart and sweet.

    • cristhianm cali
    • December 22, 2014

    crecen tan rapido :’) esperen un momento ToT

    • lesley pearson
    • December 22, 2014

    To Lei Van Dhiekince, do not worry, even if your dog growls you have TO BE
    FIRM, DO NOT LET THE DOG SHOW THEY HAVE WON. just give her a bit of food,
    then if you feel confident give her abit more food (1 small tin) then make
    her SIT until she obey’s YOU!, YOU! are the dog’s master, IF SHE DOSEN’T
    OBEY YOU, YOU DO NOT GIVE HER FOOD! it is harsh but your Rotty will learn,
    they are good dog’s and will learn XX

    • Mindy Jo Caron-Barber
    • December 22, 2014

    My female Rottie Nuk-Takhi just turned 5 years old and has topped out at
    133lbs. my first Rottie only got to 80 lbs. I love the breed.. there is no
    other like it. 

    • Lei Van Dhiekince
    • December 22, 2014

    My rott is 7month old and shes huge already. shes nice and no problem in
    any aspects but when its feeding time is a diff scenario. she growls and
    get angry as if shes afraid anybody will take her food.

    • Allahu Akbar
    • December 22, 2014

    i will soon get a dog (Rottweiler) just 12 weeks old. Is this too late or
    will it work? Or will it work with more work on relation me and him?

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