Puppy Potty Training Should Be A Fun Activity, Rather Than An Unpleasant Chore

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Effective puppy potty training should be begun as soon as you feel that your is old enough to understand a few elementary commands. A puppy is not like an infant that requires using a potty in order to make him understand where to eliminate. It actually only requires that you teach your young puppy that he must eliminate in a designated spot within your home or understand that he must go outside to ease him and to not use any other part of the home for the purpose.

Form Close Bonds

It is not recommended that you think of the puppy exercise as a chore and something that is messy and unpleasant; instead, you should consider to be an excellent opportunity for you to form close bonds with your pet which hopefully will further develop into a healthy and mutually. The best gift that your puppy can give you is to show that he has learnt where to do his business.

You should not wait before starting the puppy potty training exercise and so, as soon as your pet becomes the newest member of your home, you must then get started with teaching him where to eliminate. However, be prepared to put up with the fact that at a young and tender age the puppy won’t always be able to control his bladder as well as bowel functions. Accidents will occur and these you must learn to tolerate.

Another notable aspect to proper puppy potty training is to remember and feed your pet at fixed times every day and to avoid feeding him within four hours of his bedtime and to not let him drink water about two hours prior to his bedtime. Setting an established routine for him to follow is recommended and it also means that you too must also rise and up and sleep at times that will reinforce your puppy’s potty training regimen.

When your puppy wakes up in the morning you need to take him out for about fifteen minutes and do the same after each meal that he takes and also once before he turns in for the night. It is also not wise to play with him till after he has gone out and eliminated.

is an essential part of and in this regard you should search for every available to help ensure that you have greatest chance of succeeding in housebreaking your pet and to also ensure that he learns how to be well behaved as well.

Sometimes your puppy may not eliminate when you take him out. In such instances you should wait for fifteen minutes before taking him out again to try again. Once he does his business, you should lavish praise on him and perhaps even give him a small treat to reinforce the training.

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