House Training For Your Golden Retriever

When you begin breaking your , you should follow a strict routine. Before your pet is properly trained, it’s very important that your gold retriever does not spend too much time outside of it’s crate. If your pet is roaming around your home, you should watch it carefully. Don’t be upset at your pet if it relieves itself in an unwanted area. Your pet is your responsibility!

your retriever in your home is almost like training a child. In the morning, show your where to go. Designate that one location for relieving him or herself. Once your pet does, praise it. Let your pet that it has urinated or pooped in the correct place.

While your in this training process, you don’t want your pet to roam wherever it wants. Neither do you want to let it outside of it’s crate when it wants. When an accident happens too much, it could become a habit. Pet’s don’t learn from their mistakes too easily. You have act like a parent and guide your pet and avoid these accidents as much as possible. Even though your pet might not fee too comfortable going through this process, it’s important that you train your pet right so the good actions become good habits.

If you give him too much freedom, your retriever could relieve itself on the floor. This might seem like a small thing. You could always clean up the mess and expect it to not happen so easily again. However, this is a major mistake. After you clean up the urine, you might not think that there’s anything there. However, there’s a good chance that your dog could smell it. This could trigger the action of peeing. So when he smell that area, your dog may identify this as the normal area to relieve itself. Having your dog relieve itself in the right location is very important.

If possible, it would be a good idea to allow your dog a passage, such as a dog door, to go outside. If you’re training your retriever to relieve itself outside, you should use a litter box or a wee-wee pad at the designated location. If you don’t have a outside passage, having wee-wee pads (also known as underpads) will be sufficient in an indoor environment. These can allow your dog to easily identify where it should go incase it has to go.

The process of house breaking your retriever could be time consuming, as well as frustrating. It’s important that you praise your dog and follow a strict regiment. Treat him like he’s a part of the family. Once your dog is properly trained, things will be much easier. So make sure your pet is properly trained!

By: Charles Amith

Charles Amith is a successful Webmaster and publisher of Charles provides informative content on taking care of your loved pet, as well as information on house training your golden retriever.

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