New Puppy Care

New Puppy Care

Now that you are ready to bring your bundle of joy home, start preparing your home so it is properly equipped for new puppy care. The preparations you need to make and steps you need to take will vary for each different breed.For example Chihuahua puppy care is going to be more challenging and difficult than yorkie puppy care. Make sure you know plenty about the breed of puppy you have and buy a good book about how to care and for your specific breed.

Your Puppy's Home

are of routine so when you first take them home they are going to whine a lot until they feel a connection with you and their surroundings. Never punish your puppy for whining but also realize that if you constantly attend to your puppy and hold him when he cries, he is going to use crying as a way to get your attention in the future. In it is important to have a crate ready so your puppy has a comfortable place to sleep.
Your puppy may cry a lot the first few nights home so it is up to you to let your puppy sleep in his crate in your room or put him in a separate room with food and water.Some owners may let their puppies sleep in their with them but you do have to realize that it will become a habit hard to break.If you do decide to let your puppy sleep with you, make sure you are comfortable with it happening until your puppy is an adult dog. If you want to make the first night more comfortable in new puppy care, take a cloth or that your puppy had when it was with his mother and the rest of the litter and put it in his crate.

How to Protect Your New Puppy Care

In new puppy care, it is important to provide a crate or where you puppy is safe to explore and play under during the day.Make sure to leave the crate in an area of the house where you will be so your puppy can see what goes on around him every day.Provide some chewing toys because like , puppies will put anything into their mouths and chew.Don't leave any unsafe items out that your puppy could choke on and don't leave any electrical cords exposed.
New puppy care may feel overwhelming at first but if you take precautions and make the right preparations, you will get into a routine that fits you in no time. Don't stress out about your new responsibility. Instead, enjoy life with your new bundle of joy and take the steps necessary in the first few weeks of your puppy's life so that the rest becomes a breeze.

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