The Unavoidable Dog Poop Bags

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dog_poop_bags_with_handles_rainbowIt ain’t fun, but somebody’s got to do it. Right?

Some disturbing thoughts:

40 percent of never clean up their ’s poop. Ever.

90 percent let their dogs “take care of business” in their own yards, and nearly a third of that group never cleans up after their dogs. Even at home.

80 percent of dog owners don’t understand that dog waste poses a health threat to humans. What kind of threat?

In a nutshell – dog waste containing harmful pathogens can be washed from our streets and sidewalks into our waterways. This polluted water can lead to risk of infection and viruses, cause beach closings, disrupt boating and fishing, and is unsafe to drink.

Don’t want that now, do we?

Here’s some tips for handling dog poop (well, maybe “handling” is not the best way to put it, but I think you know what I mean :).

dog_poop_bags_blueAlways pick up after your pet to minimize the chance of spreading infection, especially around the home and lawn.

Use tools and/or to avoid direct contact with the pet’s waste. Wash hands immediately after.

Cover sandboxes and play areas to discourage animals from using it as a litter box.

Use hand sanitizer and towelettes to wipe children’s hands frequently if they have been playing in a park, public sandbox, or playground.

Finally, invest in some dog poop bags. They are very inexpensive to buy and easy to carry around. For less than twenty bucks you can get a couple hundred .

are very easy to use. Just place around your hand (like a loose glove) and pick up your dog’s poop once it has made a mess. You can even find dog poop bags with handles for even more convenience.

dog_poop_bags_with_handles_bluePoop bags are perfect for people who walk their dogs in public places and need a way to clean up in an emergency. Just reach down and pick up the poop, flip the bag inside out, toss in a trash can, and avoid the awkward stares from others.

Be sure the dog poop bags are light weight and durable, and they should have some kind of -block protection. Some bags, especially the bio-degradable ones, are made of corn-starch to lock odor in and prevent the accumulation of bacteria. This makes them safe to dispose in public waste bins.

Other dog poop bags are scented with baby powder, which also helps to deter odors. These bags are made with the public in mind, so you can dispose of your dog’s waste and not avoid leaving offensive smells behind.

Choose a poop bag size based on the size of your dog. Bigger dogs may require much larger bags to provide enough space to store and dispose of all waste.

Colored bags are also helpful with “hiding” the dog waste. The darker the color, the better. And, if you have multiple dogs, color-coding your bags helps you to grab the correct bag at a moment’s notice.

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