Know The Different Life Stages Of A Boxer Puppy

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It is good to learn that bringing up a boxer puppy is rather simpler than you may have been given to believe. That being said, you must, before bringing this breed of dog into your home, have ensured that the boxer is indeed a breed that is suited for your home and will be welcomed by everyone in your family. There are many sources available from where you can buy a though before buying a puppy you must be well aware of , characteristics and other pertinent information that will help you choose the right puppy.

Right Environment Is Required

It is also necessary that you have the right environment into which to introduce the boxer puppy as this will ensure that he adjusts well and will feel comfortable in his new home. There are a few important stages in the development in the life of a boxer puppy that you must also be well acquainted with.

The right age to bring a boxer puppy into your home is four weeks old which is an age at which he will be ready to socialize and be introduced to his new surroundings. Till he has achieved this age it is prudent to let him remain with his parents and siblings as he will pick up basic mannerisms from them that will stand him in good stead later on in life.

Between the ages of eight to ten weeks a boxer puppy will also be able to get over separation anxiety and will be ready to begin a new life in your home. However, during this age he should not be allowed to feel frightened or be traumatized by careless handling and he must also be handled with great care to ensure that no accidents occur and that he is given time in order to starts to assimilate well in his new home.

By the time the boxer puppy has achieved the age of between thirteen and sixteen weeks he will have started to cut his teeth and at this point of time it is important that you let him bite whatever he can sink his teeth into. However, it is also the right time to get him started with training lessons so that he gets to learn how to socialize well and also develop his other skills.

For more help in locating a suitable boxer puppy for your home it is a good idea to check online for various puppy finders that are only too happy to offer their services in locating the right puppy for your special needs.

When raising your boxer puppy is sure that you understand the importance of never trying to force your puppy into new kind of situations. You should make absolutely sure that you treat him according to his age and at different stages in his life introduce him gradually to new ways of behaving.

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