Is the American Bulldog the Right Dog For Your Household?

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The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

Every dog lover and dog owner has breeds they are partial to. Perhaps your family as a child was a Rottweiler or your neighbors had an amazing Schnauzer when you were growing up. Whatever the reason, dog people often find themselves being loyal to one particular breed – so what is it about the that so many people find special?

American Bulldogs, besides their unbearably lovable faces, have a charming personality that can become quite addictive for enthusiasts of this breed. They are hard-headed and stubborn and are known to be extremely difficult to train, but the resulting loyalty of their companionship makes the arduous training process well worth the effort. American Bulldogs are very smart, as are most stubborn breeds, and many owners feel less like they have a pet than an additional four-legged family member. The American Bulldog can offer protection and companionship for the duration of its life, but it may not be a breed for a first-time dog owner. Training the American Bulldog requires lots of patience and dedication, and without that you could end up with a rambunctious troublemaker of a dog!

The American Bulldog does well with children and is suitable for a . However, as with all breeds of dog, the children must learn along with the dog. You must teach your children to respect and play gently with a new puppy or adult dog so that the animal will not feel threatened or defensive. Your children should sit in on sessions and should be taught to always remain uniform with commands and expectations of the dog. This may be a difficult task for children who are very young, but it is an important lesson for both them and the bulldog. Your American Bulldog will quickly become a member of your family and will be very loyal to and protect of everyone they share their lives with. Because of this, with the proper training, the American Bulldog makes a fantastic pet for the whole family.

Embarking on dog ownership is a big commitment for anyone, be it a single person or a family. The American Bulldog is a large and strong breed of dog, and this must be taken into consideration when you are thinking of adopting one. Are you capable of being firm with such a large animal? Will your children be frightened by him or her? Because of its size, the American Bulldog also eats much more than a smaller breed. You must be sure that you are financially prepared to add an animal with such a big appetite to your table! Outside of these considerations, the American Bulldog is an amazing, intelligent, and loyal pet for the family or owner that is capable of dedicating enough time obedience training.

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