Poodles: Intelligent And Loyal

by Lisa A Collins

In their earliest years, served as retrievers for ducks. Their main purpose was to jump into the water and fetch ducks, which led to its becoming a good swimmer. However, today can do a lot more and he is certainly also a good companion as he is easy to train and possesses traits such as being agile, and can hunt as well as track. Poodles are also excellent rescue animals and they also make wonderful service dogs.

Poodles are also much loved and admired for their nature and also for their somewhat unusual appearance and they have at various times even been used as circus dogs because audiences really take to these dogs because they can perform many cute tricks. In addition to these antics the is also well loved for its sweet disposition and so it is well suited as a pet dog that will become greatly attached to its owner, and so are often considered one-man dogs.

The name is believed to have originated from the German word “pfudel” that means to splash or puddle. Because of their curly coats, Poodles require in a special way and they also require bathing on a regular basis, and the coat needs to be trimmed often, which in fact may even required it to be groomed by professionals who can even make them look like show dogs. However, Poodles are non-shedding though some small amounts of hair are lost each day.

A Poodle also possesses a long and muscular neck and it shows off an air of dignity not generally found in other breeds. However, is set apart from other dogs by its fur and the color of their fur may range from black to white to gray to brown and a few other colors as well.

The fur is generally curly or corded while it is normal to dock (cut) its tail to half of what its original length was. The Poodle also requires extensive grooming which may even warrant its coat to be professionally groomed.

If you do decide to own a Poodle, you must be prepared to bring home a creature having a unique and unusual appearance that is not what most other dogs look like, though that does not in any way mean that Poodles are not pleasing to look at because they are actually very cute animals. Their main characteristics include dark and oval eyes, drooping ears as well as long and straight shaped muzzles.

Poodles are also eager to learn new things and are very proud of the tricks they can do and discoveries that they make and will readily show off these abilities. Poodles also love stability as well as routine and can also be considered one-person and even one-family pets and they are also often known to become shy in the presence of strangers.

Though because they will bark at those they do not know or recognize, they will make good guard dogs as well as wonderful pets, and in addition you need to allow them some time to settle into their new homes.

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