Rottweilers and the Sport of Carting, Proper Exercise

The is an AKC registered breed. The following article reviews the breed.

, part of the Working Group, are a large, athletic, and muscular breed. They are happiest when exercised regularly and loved to be challenged both physically and psychologically. is a canine at which Rottweilers excel around the world.

If you’ve never heard of carting, that doesn’t mean you and your Rottweiler can’t learn the sport. Carting is both a sport and a utility, and is pretty self-explanatory. A rickshaw-type cart is hitched to a and in work, used to carry supplies. In sport, the dogs will race. Dryland Mushing is a type of race, but the more common version of sport carting is Sulky Driving. A “sulky” is the name of the cart the pulls, which carries the owner or driver.

Rottweilers are very strong dogs and love to be challenged, but it is important to not exceed your Rottweiler’s ability. Those attempting carting with their for the first time should build up their weight resistance slowly, starting with logs or other heavy objects, and gradually build up to the weight of a full person. No should ever pull three times its own weight alone; excess weight can cause any number of injuries, such as muscle pulls or ligament tears. Rottweilers are determined dogs and will try to pull whether they can handle the load or not; it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure their pet is only working with what he or she can handle.

The sulky in Sulky Driving is a two-wheeled cart not unlike a rickshaw. The owner or driver will sit in the cart and direct the dog within a race or a trial. Most Rottweilers thoroughly enjoy the sport of carting because it utilizes their best skills: strength and intelligence.

While Sulky Driving and Dryland Mushing are carting sports, in certain regions Rottweilers are used as carting dogs for work. In areas where cars or other vehicles cannot travel, or in places where the poverty level is high and most families cannot afford a motor vehicle, Rottweilers are used to carry anything from firewood to crops to merchandise to and from markets and home.

Rottweiler carting is a wonderful way to spend time with your pet and offer him or her the and discipline athletic dogs so often crave. There are Rottweiler clubs all across the United States, and many participate in carting. Some even offer training seminars on the subject. Sulky Driving with your Rottweiler is a fun way to bond and for both you and your pet.

Working with your Rottie is a fantastic way to have fun and be productive at the same time, but responsible owners need to take caution and make sure their dog is not overworked or carrying loads that are heavy enough to cause injury.

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