Cancer Prevalent in Pets but Treatable, Says Veterinarian

About 50 percent of and 33 percent of cats age 10 years and older will develop . Although it is very prevalent in these animals, a says depending upon the , it may be very and doesn’t have to be a life-limiting disease.

, assistant professor of oncology in the university’s , says any breed is at risk of developing cancer. Common found in pets are also common in humans: lymphoma, melanoma and osteosarcoma, for example.

“There are certainly some that the Veterinary Health Center has noticed have a tendency to develop tumors, but it varies from tumor to tumor,” said. “Osteosarcomas are the primary bone tumors we see in the limbs, most commonly in the front legs of large like Great Danes, mastiffs, Labrador retrievers and rottweilers.”

An overall change in the behavior of your animal could be an indication of cancer. Symptoms to watch for include:

• Lumps or bumps that grow or change.

• Wounds that won’t heal, such as on the skin of the face or the toe.

• Lameness that is persistent or recurrent.

• Unexplained weight loss.

• Lack of appetite.

• Difficulty eating or swallowing.

• Bleeding from a body opening such as the mouth, nose or rectum.

• Offensive odor, particularly from the mouth.

• Difficulty breathing or going to the bathroom, such as straining to urinate or to have a bowel movement.

• Lethargy or loss of stamina.

Treatment options for and cats are similar to what humans receive. Higginbotham says veterinarians will consider surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or immunotherapy, but that these therapies usually have fewer side effects in the animals than in humans.

“The majority of our drugs used for chemotherapy are the same drugs used in people, but we are very careful about the dose,” Higginbotham said. “We use the amount of dose needed to maximize the response, yet limit the dose so we can diminish the potential for side effects as much as possible. Overall, less than 20 percent of our patients actually need supportive therapy because of a side effect from the treatment. The majority of animals we treat with chemotherapy or radiation therapy have very minimal side effects and those are usually short term.”

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The above story is based on materials provided by Kansas State University. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.

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    My dog has three of these Loofa “puppies” the original “natural” color, sort of a hot pink colored one and a large lavender Loofa Dog. My dog is Lab/Poodle/Router/table saw/grinding wheel and you name it. The first Loofa puppy had it’s belly squeaker removed and I gave it a tummy tuck. Then the ears and tails came off. These Loofa Puppies are Still her old favorites. The Easter Bunny brought her the lavender Loofa dog and it still has all its original body parts. I think it’s too big for my dog to be comfy doing the toy parade with. The other two Loofanstein puppies seem to be her favorites to curl up and gnaw on. They have held up much better than I anticipated, wash well although I suggest not to hang them to dry, Abby thought there was a mass hanging in the shower and was sulking at the sight of her loofa friends dangling in the shower. They do well on air dry or low in the dryer.


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