Poodle Personality

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by Lisa A Collins

Some people think of as not being real dogs, though for anyone that has owned them, they are more than real ? they are surreal. You would certainly end up being amazed by the sheer of the breed, which is almost humanesque. They are also very good learners that are given to having a high degree of creativity and they are also not averse to being the star of the show. However, it would be wrong to think of every as possessing the same because the personality will vary much and the personality may often reflect as well as compliment the personality of their owner.

There is a lot to praise as far as the personality of goes including his uncanny ability to grasp things easily and quickly, and Poodles are also very energetic and are often clownish because they are able to perform numerous cute tricks that will never fail to please everyone that comes into contact with them. The intelligence of the Poodle is truly remarkable and he is also very adaptable and versatile and has changed considerably from originally being a hunting dog to the great family pet that he is today.

Poodles love the company of humans and they are particularly good even in the company of children. And because they also instinctively have both the characteristics of a hunting dog as too very well developed retrieving instincts, they are well suited to acting as watchdogs, particularly in the case of the Standard Poodle. Nevertheless, even the Miniature as well as Toy versions are effective watchdogs and will readily warn you about the presence of strangers.

Standard Poodles, however, require a bit more exercising than do the toy and miniature versions and the reason for this is their bigger size. However, Poodles are also quite mellow and do not jump about too much nor do they act too nervous and they have an affinity for people as well as children. Also, you will not face any trouble in your Poodle though he does not like being caged, and is, in fact quite a free-bird if truth be told.

It would not be wrong to say that Poodles will make excellent pets and they also possess a good nature that along with their intelligence will help them to adapt to any kind of surroundings. What’s more, Poodles love attention and require to be showered with plenty of love and care, but they will also bond well with family members and in the process will easily form a close attachment that will last all through their life.

By nature, is not a loner and thus does not like being left by him, and actually thrives most when he is the center of attraction. Poodles can learn tricks and are easy to train and are easily one of the most obedient dog breeds and they are proud animals that also love to do tricks for you.

However, is also a creature that expects and loves stability as well as requires following a set routine and will not take kindly to changes in his routine or to being exposed to chaotic environments.

He is also a one-man and one-family pet that can often become very shy when in the presence of strangers and will even take to barking if he does not know someone. However, when given time to settle into his new home, will make an excellent pet and also a good guard dog.

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