Rottweiler Video: 10 Funniest Rottweiler Videos


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The Rottweiler was bred to kill. Raised with cruel discipline, trained to terrorize chain-gang prisoners with steel incisors impl…

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    • Lei Van Dhiekince
    • November 6, 2014

    I got a 6-7month rottweiler pup and shes so playoffs and energetic she
    always knock down our pots and vases outside she even knock me down and i
    slipped and sprained my leg. shes just a few months old but shes so huge!

    • NarutoAnime21401
    • November 6, 2014

    2:10 Chop from GTA 5!

    • Joseph Maximus
    • November 6, 2014

    Love the howling clip

    • Isa angel
    • November 5, 2014

    aaw :3 beatiful

    • josh n-boom
    • November 5, 2014

    what am i doing with my life 

    • maryoassyrian2007
    • November 5, 2014

    The First one was the BEST!!! :’)

    • VampiressOfShadows
    • November 5, 2014

    But where are all their lovely bushy, curly tails? 🙁 Why would hey doc
    them? I love my Rottie’s cute tail (even when it occationally whips me in
    the eye lol)

    • Telekinesis
    • November 5, 2014

    I love Rotties <3 So amazing dogs, its like other half of you, part of you,
    your family.

    • DaddyStank
    • November 5, 2014

    Why does it sound like the bass is getting ready to drop at the beginning
    of the video? 

    • Ryan Rakow
    • November 5, 2014

    People say these dogs kill, JUST LOOK AT IT OMG IYS SO GOOFY

    • Cedric Mills
    • November 5, 2014

    Love Rotties. Makes me miss my Ladybear.

    • 20PINKluvr
    • November 5, 2014

    For those crying foul on the kitten clip the dog wanted to play note the
    play bow stance.

    • Rob GnasherNoob
    • November 5, 2014

    rottweilers really just dont have the dobermans personality 

    • L. Meyer
    • November 5, 2014

    Close friends of mine had a Rottweiler. This dog had met me many times
    before. On this particular evening, I was needing a place to think and
    drove to their beachfront house with the intention of just sitting in the
    outdoor swing knowing they were not home at the time. After a few moments
    in the swing, it dawned on me this Rottweiler, although a good 100 ft. away
    at the house, was not having any of it. The owners were not at home and no
    one was allowed on this property – period. His persistent barking forced
    me to leave. They are the most loyal in my opinion and would my first
    choice if I could get a dog.

    • Hannes Lönnelid
    • November 5, 2014

    the first one really scared me xD

    • Ryan Chance
    • November 5, 2014

    love rotty’s, they have to be the most goofiest/ playful dogs ever yet very

    • ZhoMor
    • November 5, 2014

    1:00 The poor dog. He howls because it hurts the ears

    • Tiny w
    • November 5, 2014

    The first one reminds me of my dog Winston he has that shape of head and
    his tail. So passers by find him more aprochable. Hes soft a shit an has
    cure many people of their fear of dogs. He is dangerous though if he gets
    you in the balls when his tails on full way

    • Amel da Silva
    • November 5, 2014

    i honestly hate the collar that works as a bite if the dog gets out of
    control. i know they mean well, (possibly) but i still hate them

    • tommyzoom1996
    • November 5, 2014

    1:35 stupid woman 

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