Guest Post: Can Dog Behavior and Dog Health Benefit from Medical Marijuana Oils?

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is showing up in an increasing number of animal cases and not in a bad way. Although eating has shown to be dangerous for animals, dogs have benefited from . Helping a through a troubling time or injury can be traumatic and it's important that we give dogs and all animals effective treatment, that doesn't cause reduced quality of life and has the best intentions. marijuana have filled that role for many pet owners and veterinarians are now being urged to provide their take on marijuana as a treatment option.

Miles, a twelve year old black retriever was unfortunately suffering from a splenic tumor that had spread to his liver and lungs. Miles wasn't going to make it, he was dying.

Denise remembers a friend suggesting she try a pet medicine sold in dispensaries in Los Angles. Immediately upon giving it to Miles, his appetite began to return and his vomiting stopped. After getting cancer, medical marijuana has helped improve his quality of life and made it easier to get by. Denise says Miles gets out often and his and energy is good. His previous behavior on tramadol was nothing like this and he usually sat in bed and couldn't eat anything they gave him.

What it helps treat in humans, it seems to help treat in dogs.

Medical marijuana Acapulco gold

Denise would not have tried giving her marijuana if tramadol and the medications prescribed by veterinarians had worked. Now with a reason to believe that medical marijuana can help dogs too, Denise has recommended it to her friends and family.

Medical marijuana is yet to receive federal legalization, but it's quickly become legalized in the smaller states throughout the country. Still, federal authorities continue to raid medical marijuana dispensaries and it's scaring many away from the industry. These periodic raids are unpredictable and seem to even target marijuana dispensaries that haven't committed any crimes. The DEA can seize the entire shop's assets and cause a temporary shutdown, making it very challenging for the dispensary to open up again.

Most of the incidents where marijuana has played a significant role in pet are pet owners who have tried the drug as a last measure to improve their life. It has been used on horses, dogs, cats and many other animals. Pet owners are reporting improved quality of life across the board.

Medical marijuana oils do not provide the psychoactive effects that smoking marijuana does. The oils are extracted from marijuana and used in a way that doesn't intoxicate the animals. Humans that have tried the oils have reported similar results saying there's no high from it, but they feel better and they are happier as well.

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Many pet owners are finding that marijuana is more effective at treating pain and other discomfort than what their veterinarian has prescribed. For problems like arthritis, spinal spurs and wrist pain, cannabis needs to be in the discussion and pet owners are saying it's not happening quick enough.

Some veterinarians that have first hand experience with giving medical marijuana oils to animals are supporting the cause, but the American Medical Association continues to say further research is needed.

Pet owners are already using cannabis oil to treat tumors topically, and marijuana oils have shown effectiveness in treating separation anxiety, behavior disorder, pain, discomfort, nausea, appetite stimulate, seizures, irritable bowel syndrome, and more.

It is currently illegal for a veterinarian to recommend medical marijuana to a patient. No states have approved marijuana oils for pets and with medical marijuana now legal for humans, the laws conflict with what's right for the animals.

Veterinarians urge pet owners to take note of the fact that they cannot legally comment on marijuana's effectiveness in treating animals as it is a criminal act for them to do so.

Doctors are encouraging pet owners to remember that more research is needed on marijuana before it can be considered safe for pets. There have been cases of overdose in pets that have consumed marijuana orally.

Dylan is a writer for Green Wellness, a Washington based business located out of Seattle that schedules appointments for medical marijuana card evaluations. Medical marijuana has become a serious interest in pet owners today. Green Health can help across the country in Florida.

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