How To Training Your Puppy

In the good old days, puppy training began only after one’s pet had reached six months of age and it was also not uncommon for trainers to suggest that the training not begin before the pet had reached one year of age. Now-a-days, people that bring home a puppy will get started with training them soon after a couple of months have passed and they feel that these first few months are in fact critical to imparting proper puppy training.

Today, are starting to be taught new things at a very young age and their natural curiosity and to learn means that can be begun at an early age. Another factor working in favor of early puppy training is that with no other to distract him the puppy will be able to learn faster when his training is begun at an early age.

Young are more amenable to learning and accepting new ways of behaving and so will profit from early training. The most important thing however is ensuring that you impart puppy training in a humane manner and foreswear unless absolutely necessary.

It is not necessary that you impart puppy training only when the puppy is aware of being trained because at every possible opportunity you should try and teach him . However, it is a desired idea to ensure that you have the puppy’s before imparting this kind of training.

You could begin the puppy training by first of all teaching your puppy how to and a simple method that you can employ in this would be to first get your pet’s attention and then by gently placing your hands above the puppy’s head coax him into sitting. Repeat the command “Sit” over and over again till your pup understands what is being taught.

Other facets of puppy training include teaching your puppy to lie down when commanded to do so and to also get him to understand the meaning of the “come” command. is the key to with puppy training and this is something you should never forget.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that will learn at an early age and so you can forget the traditional way of thinking and get started with proper and early puppy training to ensure that you puppy learns to obey from a very early age.

Unlike when teaching young children how to eliminate in the toilet, using a potty is not necessary when imparting to your newly acquired pet dog. It is sufficient that you start building up a bond with him and the main purpose of puppy training should be to help build confidence between pet and his owner. The training must be fun for you as well as for your pet and it should be given in settings that promote relaxation rather than in tense and charged up situations.

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