Chihuahua Puppy Care: How to Prepare

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Chihuahua puppy care, like any new puppy care, can be a hassle if you don’t make the right preparations and learn about what to do prior to bringing your puppy home.  Chihuahuas are a particularly tricky breed to take care of since they are hard to house and are so small and fragile.

What to Buy for Your Chihuahua Prior to His

In care it is important to buy an or crate where you can leave your Chihuahua when you can’t supervise him.  Also have a stash of newspapers ready as well as a litter box or potty pads.House training a Chihuahua can get messy.Purchase a collar and , food and water bowls, a Chihuahua care and training book, and chewing toys.  Furthermore, make sure to puppy-proof your home by not leaving any exposed. 

The Most Difficult Part of Chihuahua Puppy Care: House Training

Small puppies frequently eliminate.They are like babies and cannot hold it in and they will often do it without warning.In Chihuahua puppy care, it is important to constantly supervise your puppy so he is not running around the house alone.That is what the or crate is for. 
In Chihuahua puppy care, the more you let your dog have , the more difficulty you will have housetraining your puppy. have the desire to eliminate after a , after they eat, and after playing.Chihuahuas show that they need to eliminate when they circle and sniff the ground so if you notice that kind of behavior or know it’s around time for your puppy to eliminate, take him to the potty pad or litter box.If you see your puppy squatting, make sure to take him to the right place. 
It is important in Chihuahua puppy care not to punish your puppy for eliminating in the wrong place because it is your responsibility to constantly supervise him.If you can’t supervise him, put him in his with his food and bed on one end and the potty bad or litter box on the other.  naturally have the desire not to eliminate where they sleep and eat so they will go to the litter box or potty pad to eliminate.  When your puppy eliminates in the right place, reward him for doing so in the correct spot!

Feeding in Chihuahua Puppy Care

Chihuahuas have higher metabolisms than other breeds so it’s important to feed only premium dog foods.Don’t worry that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on food because Chihuahuas eat very little.  Young puppies need a free supply of dry food available to prevent hypoglycemia but when they become adults, feeding twice a day is sufficient.  Always provide water in a sturdy container but not large enough so that the puppy can fall in.Avoid feeding your Chihuahua human foods because many of them can be toxic and dangerous.  It is important to buy a tube of Nutri-cal before you puppy comes home to prevent hypoglycemia. 
As you can probably gather, Chihuahua puppy care is a lot of work.  If you have the kind of schedule that would force you to leave your Chihuahua alone for long periods, it is better for you not to get one.Chihuahuas need constant supervision and to be carefully taken care of to prevent health problems and other issues.However, if you have the time and patience for Chihuahua puppy care and you like small dogs, a Chihuahua may be your perfect companion!

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