Poodle Problems You Should Be Aware Of

The is an AKC registered . The following article reviews the breed.

Owning any kind of dog comes with definite responsibility. The owner must be willing to accept the costs of numerous aspects of dog care, including , training, walking, feeding, and the financial burden of health care for the animal. This last concern is of special interest to , who end up spending more money on health care for their pets than do the owners of other dog breeds.

The is prone to developing various kinds of medical issues, which can take a variety of forms and effect different areas of the dog’s body. Since many of the conditions are complicated, it is best to have a general grasp of what sort of medical issues can crop up, helping the owner to avoid medical related poodle problems. The sooner a problem is spotted, the sooner it can be treated and further complications prevented by a veterinarian, insuring the long life of the poodle.

Poodles are especially prone to issues with their eyes. These include entropion, sebaceous adenitis, cataracts, and persistent pupillary membranes. They are also prone to progressive retinal atrophy, which can lead to blindness if untreated. Poodles should be checked regularly by a veterinarian to avoid developing these eye diseases.

Distichiasis is another eye condition to which poodles are prone. It is the term for the growth of an extra eyelash from the meibomian gland near the edge of the dog’s eyelid. This is not usually serious, unless it leads to the formation of an ectopic cilia, which can lead to corneal ulcers and horrible pain for the dog. It is best to have the dog regularly examined. This will help in averting these types of poodle problems.

Von Willebrand’s disease arises from blood disorders in poodles. It occurs when proteins existing in platelets of the dog’s blood are disturbed and form abnormalities, affecting the blood’s ability to clot. It is a hereditary disorder. This disease is also found in humans but exists in poodles as well.

Many poodles are also prone to allergies, which are not usually serious, but are irritating for both the animal and the owner. Some are also likely to have epilepsy, a seizure disorder which can be either mild or severe. If the animal’s epilepsy is severe, it can be very difficult for the owner to care for the animal, especially if it is large in size. If a poodle begins to have seizures, it is important to get it to the vet without delay so the animal can be effectively diagnosed and treated.

Patellar luxation and hip dysplasia are some of the joint disorders to which poodles are prone. While these are not fatal conditions, they can be quite painful for the dog. If noticing any abnormalities in a poodle’s gait, have the veterinarian check for these conditions. Regular vet visits are essential for the health and well-being of poodles, and avoiding medical poodle problems.

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