A Guide to Common Poodle Problems

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

are a that originated from Germany and France. These dogs are known for their beautiful fur. Their fur is long, tightly curled and thick in texture. There is a particular pattern in which the poodle fur is trimmed for show.

These dogs are bred in three different sizes. They are known for their involvement in shows and circus performances. Many people keep these dogs because of their beauty. Unfortunately, these dogs are also found to be affected by many health problems that in most cases are of a hereditary nature. Such problems can be observed in almost every second poodle.

The most poodle problems include eye issues. It is necessary that every poodle should be checked by a veterinarian in order to control this problem. Among a number of types of eye problems the most commonly found one is (PRA). This eye problem is very dangerous as it grows worse as the dog ages. This disease can even cause blindness in dogs.

Distichiasis is one of the most common poodle problems. In this condition an additional eyebrow starts developing. This disease can take place at any age of the poodle’s life. Entropion is one more disease of the eye. In this condition, the eyelid gets rolled in and because of this the eyeball is constantly disturbed by the eyelashes. This problem is very common and can be immediately treated by any veterinarian.

Among the poodle problems related to their eyes, microthalmos is the most severe one.  In this disease the size of the eye shrinks. The size of the eye very obviously looks to be smaller than normal. Excessive tears or epiphora is also seen quite commonly. In this disease, spots develop starting from the corner of the eye and into the entire face. Few other eye issues develop this kind of condition. This disease should be treated as soon as possible or it will lead to severe trauma of the eye.

Apart from these eye diseases, other common issues among poodles include the Von Willebrand’s disease. This disease is generated from blood disorders. The proteins that exist in the platelets are disturbed by this disease. Many kinds of allergies are also seen in poodles that are caused for different reasons. These allergies may also lead to other issues like pyoderma, pruritus and seborrhea.

Short legs abnormality is also seen largely in poodles because of the long bone cartilage ossification. Epilepsy, gastric torsion, congenital deafness, retained testicles and hip dysplasia are other common problems that poodles are susceptible to. All these issues should be treated as soon as possible in order to keep the problem from becoming more severe and to keep the poodle healthy.

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