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The Dog is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The coat of requires lots of maintenance and grooming quite often. If you do not show your then it will naturally not need as much maintenance or have as an elaborate cut as those that do get shown. Their coat sheds very little or not at all and is often referred to as hair. They usually have dense curly coats that are not plush double coats like many other dog breeds. Their coats can vary from course and woolly to soft and wavy, requiring a few hours of brushing each week. The type of grooming for your is that done by a professional.

Standard grooming advice. –

Having your groomed professionally whilst at boarding kennels is a great way to make sure your poodles cut will be in ship shape. You will find your dog will not be comfortable with a dirty matted coat and people tend not to like dogs that smell. As a general rule, you should have your poodle professionally groomed around every 4-6 weeks. However a coat that is longer may require more care. Outside of this it’s a good idea to brush your poodle daily to prevent a big job for the groomer as matting in poodles can occur easily due to not shedding. Of course there are other factors to a good grooming such as eyes, ears, teeth and nails. Nearly all poodles have weepy eyes which can be cleaned yourself daily using alcohol free baby wipes or a clean damp cloth.

What happens when my is groomed? –

Any risks to your poodles health or potential health issues are easily spotted by an experienced professional groomer. This is one of the reasons professional grooming is so important. For example, whilst washing your groomer may be able to detect any issues with the condition of your poodles skin. They are able to check for scaly, dry skin, tumors or parasites. Your can expect a pampering delight of being clippered, brushed, have its nails trimmed and a dog wash and dry. Professional groomers also have the expertise to handle your poodle if it happens to be nervous. Puppies who are not yet familiar with grooming may be a little shy at first and a groomer can ease them into the process so they learn grooming can be a wonderful experience.

Your grooming needs are easily taken care of at a pet resort who genuinely cares for your pet. Your poodle will enjoy the fresh healthy coat it deserves with a little bit of TLC from someone who knows how best to give it.

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