Review: Natural Pain and Arthritis Relief for Our Canine Companions

AntiInflammatoryCaps med(See the special introductory launch deal at bottom of this page).

This product is new, but has hundreds of years of safety testing! The primary ingredient is oil, which is extracted from Green Tea plants grown in Africa, and then encapsulated with salmon oil from Alaska. This product provides safe and effective for many conditions including those such as rheumatism and arthritis. A high antioxidant content from the plant flavonoids most often also improves general wellbeing, promotes shiny coats and gives a new lease of life for your precious pet.

The Magic  of Buchu Oil

has been used by indigenous people in for hundreds of years as a remedy for many ills. More recently the Organic_mountain_grown_tea_leafmost common uses for buchu oil are widely utilized in the food and perfume industries giving a broad base of ensured safety and lack of toxicity.

Now Buchu oil is readily available in capsule form as part of the range of animal and wellbeing products. The brand name inspired by a canine war hero of the Second World War – Ricky – who was awarded the for bravery. More information about Ricky and the products is available on the company website at – with the capsules most readily available from now on

Recommended worldwide by Veterinarians this product avoids using cortisol and other pharmaceuticals that may have damaging long term effects. You will avoid the side-effects, high costs and potential addictive nature of some of these products. Your precious deserves the best pain-free life healthy life that you can provide and these capsules could very likely help you to achieve this goal.

400px-Senior_DogJoint Pain and

They already have many impressive testimonials pointing out excellent , increased mobility, improved coat and skin conditions; as well as improved general wellbeing in many dogs. The effectiveness of the capsules is supported by science and a similar product is available for people – demonstrating additional evidence of the safety and advantages of this amazing product.

Additional testimonials, tips, and more information can be found at (don't buy from the website or you'll miss out on the special deal – see below), and more information about Buchu oil can be found at There is also an “I Love Ricky” Facebook page where fans of the product can socialize and report successes.

‘The' Special Deal – Up to 80% Off!

If you'd like to try the Ricky Litchfield anti-inflammatory capsules, there is a special deal at RickysCapsules where you can get 80% off your purchase (limited to the first 50 customers)!

The special deal is only available at the link above, so be sure to click it before the deal goes away.

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