A Happy Environment Translates to a Happy and Healthy Dog

A Happy Environment Translates to a Happy and Healthy DogIn order for puppies and to become happy and healthy members of the family, they need to be given love, respect, and care. Giving your the proper environment, the right food, the balanced amount of freedom, and the ideal amount of affectionate companionship are the most important factors in fostering a happy and healthy .

It is difficult, especially for first time owners, to put the art of raising and caring for a dog into instant practice. For this reason, many dog owners seek help by making use of caring and experienced dog professionals. These experts will help the owner find the right balance between discipline and autonomy, which is the basic tenet of a well-raised dog. An overly disciplined dog can lead to a dog acting and obeying out of fear rather than respect. Although this dog may comply with the owner’s commands, an overly disciplined dog will not thrive and offer genuine love and respect in return. On the flip side, if the dog is given too much freedom, a disobedient dog can result and the dog will not respect its home or the owner.

Trainers can be of tremendous help…but not just any trainer

It’s simple. Trainers and experts who have the best intentions will get the best results. Just as the trainer expects respect from the dog, the trainer must respect the as well. Before choosing a trainer, one should pick the brain of the trainer and see his or her philosophies on how to go about training your specific dog.

It is also up to the owner about whether the will thrive by means of a trainer. An alliance of communication between the owner, the dog, and the trainer is of utmost importance. If the owner and the trainer both have the best of intentions, everyone involved benefits. Your will definitely thank you (not verbally of course!).

Do some Investigating before boarding your pet

The same can be said for boarding a puppy or dog. It is important to research boarders and kennels before putting your dog in someone else’s hands. Go to the boarder beforehand and ask for a tour. If they say anything other than “sure” or “absolutely,” make your way towards the door. While you’re touring, be sure to ask them what a dog’s daily routine consists of there. A should be a place where a dog will feel as comfortable as possible, and where a dog will be able to socialize with other fellow canines—something that your dog doesn’t get on a regular basis.

Locating the right breeder

If you’re still looking for a dog in your life, where you get your dog, and who you get it from is also extremely critical. Finding a breeder through the internet or newspaper can be risky. Before you peak at the adorable pups, meet with the breeder and have a conversation. See if they have passion and care for the minor details. The attention to these small details is what makes or breaks breeders.

A place that has mastered all of the above

Having a place that you can trust with your dog’s development is important and mustn’t be overlooked. Trainers that are knowledgeable, attentive, passionate, and communicative are a must. A New Braunfels dog kennel that gives their dogs space, freedom, pleasant socialization, and superior housing is also a must. Lara’s Canine Solutions in New Braunfels, TX, just outside of San Antonio, TX, is one of these places.

They have a Kennel that gives their dogs a beautiful country atmosphere to relax in, big areas for group play, complimentary baths and nail trimmings, and they offer premium quality dog food derived from whole foods. Also, if you’re looking to adopt, they allow you to adopt dogs that they have raised and trained. They are also well-renowned for being a world-class German Shepherd Breeder, so they understand the process of nurturing young and dependent dogs. Raising a dog is tough, but it can be a growing process for your dog and you as well. Getting help from experienced, caring professionals can take your dog’s growth to greater heights.

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