Properly Caring For Your Poodle

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by Lisa A Collins

In order to keep your healthy you need to focus on practicing preventative Poodle health care. By maintain proper care you can minimize the severity and likelihood of any health problem. Preventative Poodle health care not only involves at home health exams, but also relies on providing good nutrition and enough exercise. Working along with your veterinarian provides the best preventative care.

When your Poodle is young you should start with regular visits to the veterinarian and then maintain a regular checkup at least once or twice a year to make sure you dog is kept in healthy condition. An important part of the veterinarian visits is to stay current on vaccinations, which can help prevent serious conditions such as infectious diseases, rabies, parvo virus, distemper and hepatitis.

For the Poodle, having a licensed veterinarian doing vaccinations is extremely important since they are one of the breeds that are particularly prone to problems caused by over vaccinating a .

At home it is important to do a health check to monitor Poodle health and to help identify problems early. The best habit to get into is to check your pet during your grooming routine. This way it is easy for you to remember and easy for your dog to undergo. First rub your hands along the dog’s body and feel for any unusual lumps or areas that appear tender to the touch. Press to feel the ribs and keep track of your weight gain or loss by how hard you need to press.

The eyes should always be bright with little to no discharge. You also want to look inside your dog’s ears for any signs of redness or swelling. Some signs of an ear infection that you should be on the lookout for include brown waxy debris or a bad odor.

The teeth are also important and they should be white and free of tartar buildup. Make sure you know your dog’s normal gum color since pale gums is a sign of a serious problem. Whenever you notice something out of the ordinary on your pet’s home health check then you should take them to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Doing a home health check to monitor Poodle health is very important since it can help identify problems early. Checking your pet during your grooming routine is the best habit to start. Not only is it easy for the dog to undergo but also it is also easier for you to remember. First simply rub your hands along the dog’s body to feel for any unusual lumps or areas that may be tender to the touch. Next press to feel the ribs, this will help you to keep track of your dog’s weight gain or loss depending on how hard you have to press.

Have your pet spayed or neutered is also very important since it helps your pet to live a longer, healthier life while being better behaved. that are fixed also are less likely to get cancer. You can ensure you dog has a long and healthy life by practicing proper preventative Poodle health care.

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