HELP with training a 5-mo old Boxer puppy “Bella Noches” PLEASE? [Details inside…]?

Question by Jewel: HELP with training a 5-mo old ” PLEASE? [Details …]?

I want to train my puppy to guard the house, and protect me.

I want my puppy to STOP pottying inside. I have taken her out religiously, but she refuses to gooutside. Then when I bring her in she SQUATS to wee wee, or HOVERS to pooh within a few minute.

She is HUGE! She weighs about 30 lb.s already, so it is difficult to train her some things.

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Answer by biker_beeotch
If your dog comes into the house to relieve its self after you have taken it out, you did not wait long enough. My girl just turned 7 months and she has been totally house broken for at least 5 months. Reward, reward, reward. Praise her for going outside, praise her when she eliminates. Try to stick to a schedule of food and water. Generally about 15 minutes after they eat is a good time to take them out. Try a web search of , I had joined a site that sent a newsletter every day or so with new tips tricks and tried and true methods. I am sorry I forget the site, but this woman was from Canada and her name was Nathalie if that helps. Be patient and don't let your frustration show to the dog. Good luck to you.

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    • Kamah
    • June 5, 2014

    You must be consist ant in your training!! Have patience it takes time for her know exactly what you are wanting.

    If you already know that as soon as she comes in and she goes to the bathroom in the house, then put her on a leash when she comes in. She must be supervised with the leash on and kept by your side. As soon as she starts to go, you are able to stop her and make her go outside instead.

    Do not spank her and/or rub her nose in the accident in the house. All that does is teach her not to go in the same room as you.

    You should socialize your puppy! If you don’t and she ends up attacking somebody you will be liable and she will probably be put to sleep. She can’t protect you if that happens, can she?

    If people are afraid of her because what she looks like, then leave it at that.

    Also, please spay & neuter your pets!! There are way too many pets in this world that end up abused, neglected and homeless.

    • Roxane
    • June 5, 2014

    Okay, First Calm down.
    I dont know anything about Security dogs, only that if you REALLy want them to guard things you have to train them to be mean.
    Potty training is difficult.
    1) You take her outside after every nap and Say Go Potty.
    2) TAke her outside 10-20 mins after eating and Say Go potty.
    3) Praise her if she does so.
    4) If she goes inside, Rush her outside (even if she is still going.) Then Take her BAck inside to punish her.
    5) Spank her and Rub her nose in it. Maybe get soe Bitter Apple, Spray on spot where she went and rub her nose in that.
    Note* Bitter Apple is a spray to help stop the dogs from chewing things up.

    To Teach her things you have to be patient and continue doing stuff with her even if she doesnt get it. She will get it over time.

    If everyone if Afriad of her then forget them. They will find out how wrong they were when they ask you.

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