Do all boxer dog”hump” humans?

Do all boxer dog

Question by Beth: Do all dog”?
So in getting a boxer soon and one of my friend who has a boxer tells me her dog is constantly humping her legs or arms that’s just gross.. And plus I have little sisters and don’t want that to happen to them. So how can dog humping be prevented and is there a way you can teach then not to?

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Answer by kelly
No not all dogs hump .And no more in the boxer breed than any other . If your dog is a humper , you will have to train it out of him . More often than not its a sign of dominance . Neutering will help in some cases but not all .
The likely hood is he wont be , most dogs do not hump .
If he does yuo will just have to teach him his manners , its not acceptable for a dog to hump

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    • Midwest
    • June 2, 2014

    Nope! Its probably either because he isn’t neutered or if he is then it is a dominance thing. That dog needs to be neutered or trained.

    • Shweta
    • June 2, 2014

    It does not depends ont he breed but more on the age and behavior of the dog. Boxers hump no more than any other dog.
    Humping is either sexual or dominant. A dog is sexually mature at 6 months and they begin to hump at this time….to prevent it you will have to get them castrated as soon as they turn 6 months.
    When choosing a pup from the litter, rattle th cage/fence that they are enclosed in, the ones who shy away are the really timid ones, the ones who launch themselves at the fence are the ones who will likely hump for dominance.
    To prevent this, every time the dog humps, spray it with cool (not cold) water from a plant spray bottle or just say no! loudly and lock him in a room alone.

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