Do any other dogs “box” when playing like Boxers do?

Question by terra143: Do any other dogs “box” when do?
I know that’s why they’re called Boxers but are there other dogs that do this some also? It’s funny because we get a little rough at times and he just got me good in the gut! Are there other dogs that stand on their hind legs and strike out like this?
Oh Felicia, I know what you’re saying. He has been trained not to jump on people. This is only when he and I are playing. He doesn’t do this with anyone but me, including my husband. He knows that I’ll play with him in this way but has never tried it on anyone else (in 5 years).
Okay, In the beginning just proved Felicia’s point. LOL, if I had to worry about my face, I think I’d stop it too. He never goes higher than my belly and normally doesn’t whack me quite as hard as he did today!!!

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Answer by Helpplzzzz
I have an Akita who boxes all the time. He uses his paws to box with my other dog, a Rat Terrier. I have done some research on them, and this is a natural instinct that some dogs have.

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    • Alesi's Chis Suspended at Last!
    • May 15, 2014

    I’ve got a chi that does it as well. Too damned cute

    • In the beginning God created evolution.
    • May 15, 2014

    Our pointer mix does this. It’s kind of irritating when I’m wrestling around with him and get scratched in the face lol.

    [Add] He only does it when he’s been explicitly invited to play. He doesn’t dare do it unless we are rough-housing with him.

    • Felicia Q
    • May 15, 2014

    I own boxers and they are trained not to “box” with us or jump at us.

    IMO – It’s simply bad manners to allow a dog to hop up and clobber you.

    Our dogs are plenty playful with us, but they keep their feet on the floor. Other dogs “boxing” are simply jumping and pawing at you from lack of manners and/or training. I would break ANY dog I owned of that bad habit.

    It’s cute (?) right up until they give you a fat lip, break someone’s glasses, black an eye, scratch a cornea or knock your Granny down. Then… it’s not so funny or cute.

    My boxer’s spirits are not broken due to being taught manners. They still box the heck out of each other, but we are not THEIR litter mates….and they know better then to do that to us.

    ADDED: Legit
    Good to know Terra. But.. I tell ya. (and I’m including my own boxers in this comment). Some dogs are QUINTESSENTIAL opportunists. I’ve seen them try things on strangers that are totally out of the blue IF they think they can get away with it. So…pawing/boxing here is taboo, and then (HOPEFULLY) it’s not something that crosses their mind to “do” when they are playing with company. This IS the voice of experience speaking.. LOL

    I love a good rowdy romp with my boxers…but feet are on the floor with the exception of them vaulting the coffee table…which at that point I request they bring it down a notch…LOL

    • K
    • May 15, 2014

    I think it just depends on the individual dog. My standard poodle does it haha.

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