Boxer Dog Video: Cutest Boxer puppy meets Boxer dog for the first time!

Our 8 week old (Vanda)! Coming to his new home and meeting his new sister, our 3 year old (Macey).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    • vkacademy
    • May 8, 2014

    Loved watching Macey play bow and offer the puppy her toy. Understandably
    she was super excited, but there really isn’t any aggression in her posture
    or face at all. Smart girl seemed to understand that Vanda is just a wee

    • Romulus I
    • May 8, 2014

    I would of took the older dog for a long run before meeting the pup, to
    drain all that energy. Its makes things a whole lot easier.

    • Robert Herberg
    • May 8, 2014

    To be fair, when I was 8 weeks old, I didn’t know how to play fetch either.

    • docarol
    • May 8, 2014


    • MrsPhl0xX
    • May 8, 2014


    • Rockin Atheist
    • May 8, 2014

    I went through this anxiety introducing my Fox Terrorist to a rescued
    German Shepherd. They ended up the best of friends and brothers.

    • Drew Aker
    • May 8, 2014

    I want a boxer so bad

    • Rachel Paquet
    • May 8, 2014

    It’s adorable how Macy is trying to get the puppy to play too. I saw a
    couple of times where she lobbed the ball towards the puppy and then backed
    “Look, puppy, you’re supposed to pick it up and make it squeak. Like this,

    • Deborah Hill-McGourty
    • May 8, 2014

    They do but often times tails are docked..

    • superchanneljim
    • May 8, 2014

    who the fuck would give this 59 dislikes? Best dogs ever. My female is
    exactly like yours, typical boxer energy. I have a fawn and a male white
    one. He’s boxer/ part boston we think. Great vid guys. Cheers and boxer
    love from Cali!

    • Mark Caponi
    • May 8, 2014


    • stronger715
    • May 8, 2014

    I don t see how it s forbiden to cut the tails of boxers in europe… I
    live in France and my boxer has a cut tail. Or maybe it s a new law, my
    boxer is at least 4 years old. By the way he still have normal ears, i like
    it, but i also like a short tail on a boxer.

    • warren paget
    • May 8, 2014

    Found in my youtube what to watch.

    • Sameer Ali
    • May 8, 2014

    macy is so well behaved you guyz have done a gr8 job

    • PaladinOrgy
    • May 8, 2014

    Too cute! <3

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