Review: K9 Kelp Natural Solution for Dogs

K9KelpThis is a review of K9Kelp, a website devoted to natural based products for your pet.


The company, based Canada, specializes in Kelp based skin and related products for .

The products are entirely natural, which means that when you read the ingredients, you won't need a degree chemistry to recognize them ?

Product quality and purity is priority for K9Kelp.

Why kelp? Kelp, a type of seaweed, is a super- containing nearly every vitamin and mineral known to help dogs as well as humans, and is easily assimilated when reduced to a powdered form.

The Kelp used by K9Kelp is naturally harvested from pristine ocean waters off the coast of , Canada.

Additionally, the products contain other known to help dogs, such as pure essential oils and high quality moisturizing butters.

Since the owners of K9Kelp are passionate about dogs, their focus on only the best products for their own dogs provides an automatic benefit for you and your .


The principle owner of K9Kelp is Patricia, the "Den Mom", who currently owns 2 dogs - Allie and Sophie. Pictures of Patricia and her dogs are available on the website.

The K9Kelp Niche

Dog skin care can be a tricky business at times. K9Kelp started when the owners' boxer, Jayda, had a cracked and dry nose. If you've ever experienced this with a dog, you know it can get bad. The cracked areas can peel and bleed, and the worse actually become infected.

Unfortunately, they found few products out there to address this condition, and most of them are petroleum based. This prompted them to create their first product, a Kelp based .

Patricia and company knew they were onto something when the pooch's skin condition cleared up no time at all.

A Brief List of Products

Several other products besides the skin moisturizer were developed. These include shampoo, a spritzer to "freshen" your dog, and a supplement. Keep mind, all the products are based on the Kelp super-food, with additional natural ingredients where applicable.

There's also a couple products for "humans", which include lip balm and a refreshing clay Kelp mask.

K9Kelp2What I Like About Their Website

Their website is very easy to navigate, with clear and precise buttons at the top. Even newbies should find the website very easy to use.

The section about Kelp clearly explains why they use it, and their FAQ section should answer most questions you may have.

There is a Feedback section with numerous testimonials from satisfied customers, and Wholesale opportunities are available you have an interest distributing the products.

Some stores do carry K9Kelp's products, and they can be located via the Contact page.

If you prefer ordering from the website, a shopping cart is available with Paypal accepted as well as the usual credit cards.

Support or Questions

From the website, you can email K9Kelp using their Contact form, and a phone number is also listed on the page.


Website: 5 Out of 5 stars for clarity and ease of use. I have not used the products so I can't honestly rate them. They do look very good, though, and the testimonials appear to support that assumption.


Prices of the products range from $11.25 for a 3-pack of lip balm to $59.95 for a value pack containing the supplement as well as the most commonly purchased ($68.85 value).

Shipping is free for orders of $50 or more, which makes the value pack an even better deal. (U.S. readers should keep mind that these prices are in Canadian dollars).

How to Get There

I recommend visiting the website, as I think it's worth the visit especially if you have a dog with a tendency towards skin issues. K9Kelp's website is

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