Henderson woman says dogs attacked her, killed her dog

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CREATED Apr. 14, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — A local woman is looking for justice after she said she was attacked by two who then her dog.

The death of ' pet Bambi was like losing a daughter, “I just want to die without Bambi. She was my life. I believe she tried to save me.”

74-year-old Richards is heartbroken over the death of her beloved Bambi. On April 3, she was walking her 10-year-old Yorkie around 8 p.m., when she said a neighbor's two dogs came running at them.

Mary said she was knocked to the ground as she tried to hold Bambi in her arms

The two dogs managed to escape from an unlocked gate. Mary tried to fight them off for several minutes when neighbors came to her rescue. They wrapped Bambi up in towels and called 911. 

Mary was treated with stitches and may have broken a bone in her . But doctors at the animal emergency told her they couldn't save Bambi.

With no history of violence, Henderson Animal Control put the two boxers under “home quarantine” for ten days. A warning sign is now posted outside the house.

“I think it's a poor rule that anytime a dog attacks a human and then kills an animal, there should be some sort of punishment more than just house arrest,” said John Whiteman, Mary's companion.

Mary said Bambi helped her heal after she suffered a stroke in 2009. All she has of Bambi now is a shrine at her front door, “I can never forget that scene. I can never forget Bambi.”

The City of Henderson said the investigation is ongoing.  

Mary has contacted an attorney to recoup medical expenses totaling at least $ 3,500.

Original story here.
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