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Question by Britney: with !?
So ive been wanting a because i like what they look like and their longish hair and all that but havent been able to find one. But i found a I KNOW ITS A MUTT! but i was just wondering if you think just cause it doesnt look exactly like a yorkie and is a mix if i should still get it or if i should try and find a pure bread yorkie? Also if you know where i can find a pure bread yorkie in southern part of New mexico please let me know!!!

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Answer by Diana
A yorkiepoo would be a great pet, he or she will get the best of both parents, if you want a pure bred ask yourself why?? are you planning to breed? if you want a cute dog look at “the mutt” it may be even cuter or go to your local animal shelter and walk around to see wait touches your heart. Be patient with yourself good pets need homes everyday.

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    • Lara
    • April 13, 2014

    You should MOST DEFINITELY try an find a pure bread Yorkie , You shouldn’t encourage people breeding mutts by buying their mutts , even if they are very cute , you have to resist.

    Here is a link of a beautiful Yorkie for same ,

    Hope I’ve helped ,

    Love Lara x

    • only smart one
    • April 13, 2014

    If you want a dog, then get the mix. but if you want a “yorkie” then get one.

    • Bri
    • April 13, 2014

    Read my question from before. Do not support BYB bred dogs. I gave you a site to go to and you can find a yorkie from a REPUTABLE breeder or rescue. is great too.

    @The Person who gave the link – Tiny Toy Yorkies….. seriously. That’s a whole other scam in the dog world. Yorkies come in one size. Tiny or Toy or Pocket or Tea Cup placed in front of this breed is a scam.

    • Lelee
    • April 13, 2014

    Get on the internet and look for a yorkie in your county. It is a Yorkshire Terrier. in xxxxx, New Mexico. You will find a list of breeders and rescues.

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