Q&A: Does anyone know where I can purchase a Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” in Florida?

Question by bunny: Does where I can a ” in ?
Honestly I don’t care about the bloodline or anything like that because I don’t want one for show. I was hoping to possibly find one for under $ 400 because of my budget. I wouldn’t even mind having a yorkie mix or something like that. I just want a regular yorkie i don’t need a pure breed and all that fancy stuff.
I have already been on petfinder.

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Answer by Jayse ? Think before you breed
Your best bet is a Yorkie breed rescue, or general reputable rescue centre.
Cheap from backyard breeders = high vet bills.

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    • Bare Nekkid TRUTH!
    • April 4, 2014

    for your price range, shelter or rescue is your best bet.

    I find it hard to believe that you cannot find a yorkie or yorkie mix on petfinder.

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