Yorkshire Terrier Video: Grooming the Yorkshire Terrier – PART 1

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This is 1 of 2 on how to groom the Yorkshire for show. does a wonderful job in demonstarting his techniques for grooming prior to show.
Rating: 3 / 5

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    • Sharon Rose
    • April 4, 2014

    They did a good job to be honest be they kept pushing his head like come on
    not so damn rough

    • Renata Silva
    • April 4, 2014

    Sorry, i don’t like 🙁 My York, i do my self she look absolutely amazing,
    and i do very gentle and nice that looks very bad 🙁

    • Jazmine Rojas
    • April 4, 2014

    I feeL so bad for that dog. There’s no reason in hell it should take that
    long to groom a dog. That dog has no life because they choose to have it
    raised so damn strict that even the freaking bath time is a science
    project. I would hate ny owner

    • Marie B
    • April 4, 2014

    You jerks kill be with these stupid comments. I guess you haven’t seen real
    videos of animal abuse. I would love to see a video of how you people take
    your dog a bath. This man knows what he’s doing. That’s why he doesn’t
    comment. However, I am not him.

    • wissiemd
    • April 4, 2014


    • jacquelinehaley69
    • April 4, 2014

    Fantastic, iv got a lot to learn.I wish my yorki would keep still thou.

    • Diarce Yorkies
    • April 4, 2014

    , please people understand this is grooming for SHOW DOGS , not every pet
    can be a show dog ,these dogs has to be near as the apearence the standard
    (FCI or AKC) says , please stop saying “ohh poor dog” , the world of show
    dogs is not for everyone, so if you dont know about the subject please dont
    coment , im sorry to be so rude but those coments just make get
    mad…………… tgis is SHOW DOG GROOMING NOT PET GROOMING , he is a
    professional and those products are just for SHOW DOGS

    • Angelface Sugababe Jackson
    • April 4, 2014

    i love yorkies !

    • mehenblueberry
    • April 4, 2014

    Good job love it

    • Słodka Klaudusia
    • April 4, 2014

    Mojego Yorka obcinam co 2 miesiące!!! 🙂 Nigdy bym go tak nie zapuściła!!!
    Mój Gizmo jest ładny w krótkiej sierści!!! 😀

    • Petit Petz
    • April 4, 2014

    vendo ropita y accesorios para yorkis, pasen por mi canal de youtube 😉

    • engelyasminlili
    • April 4, 2014

    .OMG poor DOG ! Its not a doll ! dont do that with your dog PLEASE! im just

    • Tricialuv35
    • April 4, 2014

    She is beautiful that is slot of grooming at one time.

    • bougiekid
    • April 4, 2014

    How in hell can you be a groomer/professional handler and using dye????? I
    hope you’re not doing that for shows, that’s a disqualification.

    • shannon mcgovern
    • April 4, 2014

    Look at my yorkie /other videos please!

    • stargate905
    • April 4, 2014

    I love the granite counter top

    • miranda torres
    • April 4, 2014

    I know many have already said this but some can’t seem to get that this is
    a SHOW DOG and is being prep and prim for a SHOW. Show dogs are use to this
    kind of grooming and if you ever had a Yorkie with long hair you would know
    how important it is to keep the doggie groomed. 

    • tomchicago
    • April 4, 2014

    I am about to purchase my first show Yorkie in a few weeks from Europe. I
    am so excited and looking forward to making him a USA champion. I am going
    to learn a lot through this process.

    • culebra1000
    • April 4, 2014

    So damn beautiful …

    • Dick Pole
    • April 4, 2014

    ugh, no way i’m doing this to my yorkie.

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