Dog walking attitudes: Stoop to scoop the poop?

Dog walking attitudes: Stoop to scoop the poop?

There are 8 million dogs in the UK, which adds up to a lot of daily walks and potential for a lot of dog to be left behind. Most dog walkers are happy and even proud to bag and bin their dog’s waste, some might leave waste if they are off the beaten track or in more rural locations, while a small proportion of dog walkers are totally disengaged from the idea that picking up their dog waste is the “right thing to do.” A new study in the International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, discusses the environmental, health and safety issues.

Christopher Lowe of the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and colleagues hoped to determine what factors influence behaviour and how those who do not do the right thing might be persuaded to take charge of their dog mess. Moreover, persuading those who do bag the waste to put it in a suitable bin either on the street or at home is also important as there is some evidence that bagged dog waste left in the environment might be a longer term problem especially if that becomes a norm among dog walkers; it is certainly unpleasant to see, either way.

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Dog faeces are not only as unpleasant as any animal waste, they can also carry parasitic diseases that have health impacts on people and animals that come into contact with them. For instance, they might transmit toxocariasis, via the larvae (immature worms) of the dog roundworm (Toxocara canis), which can cause blindness, asthma and neurological problems in those affected. Dog faeces from animals that eat raw meat and bones are also suspected of causing neosporosis in cattle. The researchers also point out that the presence of dog faeces in country parks, walks and other recreational areas can deter visitors and so have a local economic impact in those areas.

Dog waste signs, bins and their collection are a significant cost to local authorities amounting to more than ?22 million per year across England and Wales. “Dog waste is also an emotive subject and complaints made by the public to local authorities are often dominated by dog waste issues,.” There are, the researchers report, several hundred thousand public complaints each year, which also adds costs to local authorities.

“It is becoming socially unacceptable for dog owners in the UK not to clean up after their dogs,” the team says. “This behavioural change may also be partly associated with the construction of ‘the ’ that has developed in the context of increased media exposure of dog attacks.”

The researchers carried out a path audit in popular areas of Lancashire, UK, to determine the influence of path morphology, location and management (related to dog waste) on the frequency and location of bagged and non-bagged dog waste. They also conducted an online, nationwide survey of dog walkers to determine

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Dog walking attitudes: Stoop to scoop the poop?
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    • Amanda Elliott
    • April 4, 2014

    that one cat at 2:00 was so cute ? giving baby kisses

    • Dia Love
    • April 4, 2014

    I would NEVEr let an animal lick all over my newborn baby Its gross and
    dangerous…But thats me im not a kiss the dog in the mouth type of
    person like these people here Sheesh

    • Eric Nyx
    • April 4, 2014

    The cat at 1:30 x3 It’s like: OMG! D: Huh? You ok!? YOU OK!? Hmm.. Wait bai
    now :3

    • Minori kushieda
    • April 4, 2014

    A beautiful melody

    • Ace's High
    • April 4, 2014

    What’s the song? It’s perfect for putting my baby brother to sleep?

    • Jarrod Clark
    • April 4, 2014

    I love to motivate, encourage and provide inspiration. Check out my
    motivational videos for inspiration. Please Subscribe!!! :)

    • pianoeman2002
    • April 4, 2014

    This is why in America dogs will always be part of the family.

    • Raymond K
    • April 4, 2014

    LOL @ 1:27 Cat thinking: Oke, now i’m screwed. It was fun for as long
    as it lasted, but i’m beter off else where now, thanks for all the great
    care, bey…

    • jerryteacup
    • April 3, 2014

    Definitely cute. The best thing here is that the interaction is not forced
    by either party. I wonder what came of the baby and the startled cat later
    on – maybe that cat had never seen an infant before and didn’t know what to

    • george thomson
    • April 3, 2014

    love dogs but NEVER LET THEM LICK BABY, so much germs , sad

    • Izayoi Sakamaki
    • April 3, 2014

    This background music reminds me of Clannad which make me cry so much ;(
    I’ll never forget Clann. PS:All of this is sweet :3

    • amitsethi500
    • April 3, 2014

    nice !

    • Reed Richards
    • April 3, 2014

    Please, don’t let animals lick the children.

    • Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis
    • April 3, 2014


    • Mark Bred
    • April 3, 2014

    you pet is kept only at home one cannot be sure about contamination ! Dogs
    do pose some problems, but not as many as cats, damn ! Bunch of ignorant
    parents ! Read it all here !!!

    • Vegan
    • April 3, 2014

    What an anti-depression vid, that’s what’s most beautiful in the world,
    babies, kids, animals.

    • Squiffy
    • April 3, 2014

    Everyone gets so weird about germs and all the panicking about dogs licking
    a newborn is making me laugh.
    When we were kids, we ate dirt, climbed trees, had our tests marked in red
    ink, actually lost races, failed grades and watched Bugs Bunny beat the
    crap out of the coyote – and we survived. Germs in a clean house are
    normal. The buckets of anti-germ stuff people foist on their kids – that’s
    just twisted.

    • RoseRedd
    • April 3, 2014

    the music ruined it

    • kalambalikis
    • April 3, 2014

    1:26 Holy shit, it’s moving! 1:54 FUCK!!! Shit, i’m getting the hell outta

    • Anne Core
    • April 3, 2014

    It’s cute when dogs lick or kiss babies, but dear parents, don’t let them
    kiss your newborn infants! DON’T…. yet! Be patient;-)

    • Emily
    • April 3, 2014

    Poor cat, it’s just like she/he wanted to play with the baby but she was
    scared too! Animals are amazing. Especially dogs and cats.

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