Attention changes in the course of a dog’s life mirror those of humans

Attention changes in the course of a dog's life mirror those of humans

are known as 'Man's best friend'. No other pet has adjusted to human's lifestyle as well as this four-legged animal. Scientists at the at the Vetmeduni Vienna, have been the first to investigate the evolution of dogs' in the of their lives and to what extent they resemble in this regard. The outcome: dogs' attentional and sensorimotor control developmental trajectories are very similar to found in humans. The results were published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

Dogs are individual personalities, possess awareness, and are particularly known for their learning capabilities, or trainability. To learn successfully, they must display a sufficient quantity of and concentration. However, the attentiveness of dogs’ in the course of their lives, as it does in humans. The lead author and her colleagues investigated 145 Border Collies aged 6 months to 14 years in the Clever Dog Lab at the Vetmeduni Vienna and determined, for the first time, how attentiveness changes in the entire course of a dog’s using a cross-sectional study design.

Humans are more for dogs than objects

To determine how rapidly dogs of various age groups pay attention to objects or humans, the scientists performed two tests. In the first situation the dogs were confronted with a child’s toy suspended suddenly from the ceiling. The scientists measured how rapidly each dog reacted to this occurrence and how quickly the dogs became accustomed to it. Initially all dogs reacted with similar speed to the stimulus, but older dogs lost interest in the toy more rapidly than younger ones did.

In the second test situation, a person known to the dog entered the room and pretended to paint the wall. All dogs reacted by watching the person and the paint roller in the person’s hands for a longer duration than the toy hanging from the ceiling.

Wallis’ conclusion: “So-called social attentiveness was more pronounced in all dogs than “non-social” attentiveness. The dogs generally tended to react by watching the person with the object for longer than an object on its own. We found that older dogs — like older human beings — demonstrated a certain calmness. They were less affected by new items in the environment and thus showed less interest than younger dogs.”

Selective attention is highest in mid-adulthood

In a further test the scientists investigated so-called selective attention. The dogs participated in an alternating attention task, where they had to perform two tasks consecutively. First, they needed to find a food reward thrown onto the floor by the experimenter, then after eating the food, the experimenter waited for the dog to establish eye contact with her. These tasks were repeated for a further twenty trials. The establishment of eye contact was marked by a clicking sound produced by a “clicker” and small pieces of hot dog

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    • jumpit
    • April 2, 2014
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    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
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