Bird Dog Training

Dog Training Commands A good command to teach first is to “Come”. Next you can teach them to “Heel”.

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them to be a will bring out the best in your dog if you are willing to work consistently with them.

There are some breeds that have a natural , giving them the ability to becoming a good bird dog. Training them in obeying commands could be a good starting ground. Dog training professionals acknowledge the fact that need to understand what command is being used in order to make them respond. In this type of training, there are main commands that should be mastered by both the owner and the dog.

First is for them to learn the “Stay” command.

As the dog follows these commands completely, it is a clear picture on how obedient and respectful he is to his master. Dogs will express to their master by doing whatever they are commanded to do, even if their master walks a before giving the command.

This is a simple command used to train your dog to come to you every time you give it. This command is one of the easiest to use. A to teach them to come, would be that when retrieving something, they bring it back to you when instructed to do so. Also, there are dogs that are a bit stubborn and may decide to go off in different directions. Giving this command will help cut down on the distance between you and your dog in case he decides to do things his way.

Teaching your dog to respond to the Heel command, is used when wanting them to walk by your side.

It is normally matched with another one-word command such as “okay”, or “go” to signal his release. This will let him know that he has performed favorably and he is again allowed to hunt for you.

Each and every time your dog performs correctly for you as he was instructed, always reward or praise him generously. Fine dogs are born with the instinct to please their owners. When you begin to reward your dog in this way, let him know he is behaving correctly and that you want him to continue that type of behavior. Overtime, he will learn to repeat the same desirable actions as long as you allow him to do so.

Bird takes dedication and persistence. This is the reason why there are not many bird dogs around. Always be confident that your dog can become a fine hunter if you do what it takes to make him successful, by showing him patience in teaching him to obey basic commands.

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