Teach your dog to heel without being drug around!

Getting drug around your yard by your dog is no fun. However learning how to train your dog to heel is one of the best ways to avoid being drug around your yard. I know this because I have two one is a male, one is a female. They have a to be very territorial and have drug me thru several of their and ! I was not even wanting the , but the decided that I needed one. However once I learned how to train my dog to heel life was great!

Now learning how to train your dog to heel can be intimidating for most people because they have never had experience doing it before. However, you do not need to be intimidated. Most people will automatically assume that while to heel that you say the word loud and forcefully jerk the collar. This is incorrect because your dog will not know what you are jerking on his collar for. That and in future he will think of the word heel meaning he is going to get his collar jerked.

So the method that I used for training my dog to heel was a very simple one. I would walk with him on my left side. I did left side mainly because I am stronger on that side. Whenever he would start to wander away, I would gently tighten his collar and tell him to heel. This worked wonders and now he listens! The key though it to gently tighten the collar and not jerk it. Otherwise the dog will not know what is going on and associate the word heel with a jerk on his collar. I did that anytime he would start to get his shoulder past my leg on that side. This is what I would recommend doing as it worked for me.

Some people though may still be challenged in training their dog to heel and I would recommend talking to a for more help. Now, I am not a , but I have managed to train my own to listen to me. So if you want to live a with your dog heeling by your side and not dragging you train your dog to heel and you will be fine!

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