A New Tug Toy for Dogs

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Border collie
Border collie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My border collie, Nikki, loves playing -o-war, regardless of whether it is with me or with one of the others dogs in the household. I’ve taken old socks, tied them together, and she absolutely loves to play with them as a tug . But, since she it a pretty rambunctious (after all, she is a border collie), the sock tug toys just don’t last very long.

I wonder if she would like a Tuggo Dog Toy? Perhaps she would.

Inventor Adam Harrington had an idea. While watching his Boxers playing with a bowling ball, he found himself wondering how their impromptu could be made more fun. He noticed the dogs liked rolling the ball around, but were frustrated because they could not pick up the smooth, heavy ball.

Then Adam got an idea. He drilled a hole though the , and inserted a rope through it. Before he went to work the following morning, he gave the dogs the toy to keep them busy.

Apparently, the toy was a big hit, and the dogs played with it all day. He knew this because both dogs were fast asleep when he returned home (not a normal situation), and the tug “enhanced” bowling ball had apparently rolled beyond the invisible fence over an acre away. Tuggo-dog-toy

Because of the fun his dogs apparently had, Adam decided to create a  prototype. He called it the “Tuggo Toy”.

The prototype used a hard plastic ball with a rope through it. The ball is smooth and everything is extremely durable. And this is cool – the ball’s weight can be adjusted by filling it with water – from just a couple pounds to over 20. And, the dogs apparently like the “sloshing” sound it make when partially full :).

Currently, the Tuggo Toy ball is available in red or blue, and is is 10 inches in diameter. A 7-inch version is in development. It can be ordered from TuggoDogToy.com (where shipping is free for a limited time) for $29.99

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