Give Your Yorkie Haircuts and Save Grooming Costs!

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

One of the many ways my husband and I have cut back on our expenses is to our yorkie instead of taking him to the groomer. That along saves us about $ 60 a month. Plus, I think he’s happier with us him anyway. I know I am! I always hated the thought of dropping him off in that crowded room around a lot of barking dogs. He was always so nervous when I left.

If you would like to give your yorkie haircuts too, I am giving a few tips below that can help ease you into it.

I was a little nervous at first but it really isn’t so bad. You’ll see! The worst part is trimming the toenails. But I spoke with my vet and he showed me how to safely trim Cooper’s nails. I use my shampoo and conditioner on him. Pantene. It makes his coat smell so good and his hair is so soft after he’s been bathed!

I give Cooper a “puppy cut”. I have never really liked the very long hair on yorkies. It is easily tangled and seems to pick up ever leaf in the yard. Besides, I think a puppy cut is just cuter! I do keep the sides long and allow them to hang almost to the floor using scissors to trim the ends nice and straight. But I use a cheap to keep the hair on his back nice and short. I also use the trimmer to shave around his tail.

For his face, I give him a cute little beard that comes to a point in the center. I trim his bangs with scissors and keep them about two inches long so that they are out of his face but have a cute little flip that helps to keep the sun out of his eyes.

So, give it a try and give your little sweetie a delicious treat after each grooming. He will learn to be very comfortable and relaxed while you groom him. If you’re not quite sure exactly how to do everything or if you’d like to learn from a professional how to do even more than just trim your baby’s hair, here’s where you can get more information about giving your yorkie haircuts and other grooming procedures.

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