My little yorkie, “Sidda” won’t potty train!?

Question by 2474jav: My , “” won't potty !?
is just over 3 yrs old and we for the life of us, cannot get her to consistantly “go” outside. I work from home so I let her out every 1 1/2 hrs…sometime she goes, sometimes she doesn't. It could be beautiful, rainy, or snowy and it depends on if “she” feels like going. She'll stay out for 20-30 min. running around chasing birds and then come right in and go on the carpet! I am starting to resent her a bit. My carpet smells and I have tried the potty pads…no good. I have tried treats…no good. I tried a good, altough someone told me the cage might be a little big for her (She went in there too!) I've checked with the vet and their are not problems there, I have no clue what to do and I am considering selling her but we have grown to love her but now, like I said, we are resenting her and not paying as much attention to her because we're mad at her. Please help! Thanks

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Answer by ♥shelter puppies rule♥
ok first remember she is a dog. a dog who's breed is nortorious for being hard to housetrain, because 1. of their small bladders 2. of their stubborn terrior nature.

but nip the resentment in the bud now, or she WILL pick up on the negative hormones you give off-dogs can smell them. and it may make her urinate more because she has NO clue why she's making you mad, and she'll “submit” by urinating on your rug more.

get a potty spot for her inside the house, this is what alot of owners have to resort to. it's like a cat using a litter box, but this is a special mat for dogs like yours. there are sprays you can buy to help her go on that mat only.

oh and if she's peeing in the cage, stop it now, the whole purpose of cratetraining is to teach a dog how to hold their bladders and if they learn going in there is fine then you have no hope if you want to try again in the future.

first teach her how to just go to her “potty spot” on the mat. tell her to go every 3 hours at first. but a yorkies bladder is not able to hold it long. your best bet esp if you are not home all day with her, is just get the special potty place inside for her.

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    • Marilyn W
    • March 28, 2014

    Go to a pet store & ask a sales person which is the best spray you can get to train your dog. You can get sprays that by the odor makes the dog want to go to the bathroom. They usually aren’t very expensive. They can also be used on the puppy pads. When you take her out if you have to put her on a leash & walk her telling her to go potty. When she does give her praise & a little treat. You need to take her on a leash so she can’t go off chasing birds. Let her know that she is out there to go potty not to play. You say you take her out every 1 1/2 hours. Try taking her out more often. Especially after she eats. If you use the spray I think you will have better results. Also when she does go in the house imediately put her into her kennel telling her she is a bad dog. Dogs like praise just as much as people do not critism. If the kennel is to big get a smaller one. A dog will not usually go in the area where they sleep. You see if the kennel is too big she can still go in one end of the kennel & still be able to lay in the other part of the kennel so it doesn’t bother her. I hope this works for you.

    • bluebonnetgranny
    • March 28, 2014

    For more ideas, post your question in the green bar at the top of the page. This is where I always start my searches. You don’t loose 5 points like you do when you actually ask a question & there are more answers there cause they keep all the answers there. What ever your question start there. You are more likely to find an answer that fits your needs better than one that you will find now.

    Good luck

    • pandorastwin
    • March 28, 2014

    Yorkies are a high energy breed. Ours is much like yours. She goes out and she is on the hunt; curious about what is going on outside. There are many times when we have to take her out, bring her in and then take her out again 5 minutes later. Our Yorkie usually tells us when she needs to potty by jumping on us or clawing at us. She also won’t pee and poop on the same outing. She’ll pee then five minutes later want to go back out and do the other job. If she’s in our room she’ll use puppy pads but not in any other room. I think you just need to keep trying and learn what her triggers are. When our Yorkie starts clawing at us we sometimes make her wait a little longer just so she does understand holding it.

    • Rebel Python
    • March 28, 2014

    maybe shes just being stubborn because you named her Sidda!)

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